If Disney Princesses had modern-day vehicles

If Cinderella, Elsa, Merida, Rapunzel, and Snow White were living in the present time, this is how their cars would look like

If Disney Princesses had modern-day vehicles 16

Though Disney Princess movies are set in different times and locations, characters in most of these films commonly ride horses to travel from one place to another. But have you ever wondered how they would get around if they were transported to the modern day? Well, wonder no more, as folks at Electric Ride On Cars put their imagination to work and visualize what vehicles the Disney Princesses would be driving if they’re living in the present.


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Cinderella’s modern-day ride looks a lot like a vintage Rolls-Royce, which matches the princess’ classic style and timeless beauty. But unlike most Rolls-Royce that are typically black, the color and design of Cinderella’s vehicle are inspired by her Fairy Godmother’s horse and carriage that memorably brings the princess to the ball in the eponymous 1950 animated film. Painted in yellow and blue, Cinderella’s car is adorned with pink feather-like hood ornament and a gold statuette on the roof.


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With an extended winter season in Arendelle that leaves the entire kingdom covered in ice and snow, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Elsa’s modern-day vehicle is a snowmobile. Though it looks like one of those newest models of Ski-Doo, the snowmobile features a customized wooden sleigh in the back that allows Anna to join her sister Elsa in her adventures. In addition to the snowflake motifs found on the vehicle’s hood and sleigh, the snowmobile also comes with an Olaf charm dangling from one of the handlebars.


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In the 2012 animated film Brave, Merida wanders around the lush forest of DunBroch with her trusty Shire horse, Angus, so having a motorbike as her modern-day vehicle couldn’t be more suitable for her. The princess’ daring sense of adventure is also a perfect match for the badass-looking big bike, which would allow her to race through the woods while practicing her archery skills.