How to play Super Mario 64 online

Nintendo can pull the plug anytime though

How to play Super Mario 64 online

Fans were disappointed to have seen Super Mario 3D All-Stars removed from the Nintendo e-shop or as the internet calls it, the day that Mario died. But fear not because there’s a classic Mario game out there that you can easily play on, of all places, your browser. Read on for how to play Super Mario 64 online.

Thanks to the Super Mario 64 decomp project, the classic game can be played on any web browser. Take note, though, that this isn’t an official Nintendo project so there’s still a threat of it being halted by the company — something it has been known to do. So if you want to try it before it disappears, you can check it out here. You’ll need a keyboard to play but players may opt to use an external controller of their choice as well.

Super Mario 64 is a classic game that introduced a 3D world to the classic platforming structure. At the time, it was still a bit of a risk to switch to an entirely different perspective but Nintendo’s bravery was well rewarded in the end.

So for those who missed buying the game, this browser port may be your next best choice. You’re not going to get the same graphics from the latest re-release but you will get to experience an iconic game that’s loved by many.

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