How to earn income with your car without becoming an Uber driver

You can make money by advertising on the back window of your car

How to earn income with your car without becoming an Uber driver 1

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra money with your car but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to work as a part-time rideshare or delivery driver, then this passive income opportunity being offered by may be perfect for you. partners with several companies that are committed to growing their businesses, and invites drivers to promote those businesses using their cars as advertising space. The result is a unique advertising network where thousands of drivers across the country are making money just by driving their cars with a simple advertisement on their back window. The good thing about this is that it’s not exclusive to drivers with brand new cars, as drivers with old cars can also join the network to start earning. allows you to pick the company you’d like to advertise for. Some of the ongoing campaigns are for an auto insurance company, a discount gift card business, and a social media growth tool. There also campaigns that bring awareness and donations to social causes like #YesMamm and Black Lives Matter.

After choosing the campaign you’d want to be part of, will send a sticker for the back window of your car. The sticker is a completely see-thru vinyl decal, so you’ll still be able to see perfectly out of your back window. It also takes seconds to install and won’t leave a residue on your window when removed.  Shipping is free, though some campaigns may require a deposit to ensure decal installation. The decal will be created within 24 hours after signup and will arrive at your doorsteps within 3-7 days.

Stickr - How It Works

As you drive and people see the ad, whether it’s on your car or one of the other cars in the advertising network, money is earned. More money is added to the network when people interact or visit the unique websites being promoted. The money is pooled together and then split amongst every verified driver on the campaign each month. Aside from earning cash, you’ll also receive gift cards to restaurants in your area as part of the payment.

Getting paid is quite easy as well. Simply take a picture of the decal installed on your car, submit it on’s website, and wait for to send you your portion of the campaign’s monthly earnings via PayPal or direct deposit.

Joining the advertising community is free with your monthly decal installation rebate. The membership fee is $9.99 per month, but every month you verify correct decal installation you are rebated $9.99, making membership totally free.

If you think this extra income opportunity will work for you, then sign up to now to start making additional bucks without breaking your daily driving routine.

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