TimeBucks pays you to watch videos, play games, and view slideshows

Earn real cash by simply watching videos, playing games, and taking selfies

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Like most people today, you probably spend your free time watching videos, playing games, or taking selfies for your social media accounts. But do you know that you can actually earn some extra cash from doing those daily activities? With TimeBucks, you can make the most of your downtime by turning it into income.

TimeBucks is a reward site where you can earn real cash for performing various tasks and activities that you already do every day. It pays you money for watching videos, playing games, taking selfies, performing web searches, viewing slideshows, answering surveys, installing apps, completing captchas, and more.

Unlike other reward sites, TimeBucks only pays in real cash, not gift cards. It also has friendly support staff that help you earn as much money as possible.

How to use TimeBucks

 TIP: Go to the EARN tab and try the Surveys tab to earn fast! 

Signing up for TimeBucks is free. After signing up, all you need to do is go to the Earn tab, and from there you can choose which kind of task you would like to perform. You should also fill out your profile and payment information in the Settings tab, as payments are sent weekly (via Payeer, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, TangoCard, and Bank Transfer) every Thursday with a minimum payout of $10.

Your average earnings depend on different factors, including your location (country), the device you are using, and how long you have been using the site. For example, first-time users from the U.S. who are using a combination of desktop and mobile devices could earn up to $50 on their first day.

However, after that, their average daily earnings will only be between $10 and $20, depending on how much time they spend on the site. The first time is always the highest because most offers are one-time tasks, which will no longer be available once they’re completed.

These estimated earnings, however, do not include referral earnings. TimeBucks has a referral program where you can earn commission on everyone you refer and any advertising deposits they make.

TimeBucks also offer daily bonuses. Each day, the site runs a competition where the top 5 earners win monetary bonuses.

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