Construction safety FAILS that are absolutely hilarious

Caution: Danger, Will Robinson!

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Danger is omnipresent in the world. That doesn’t mean that we should be paranoid at the thought of being in constant danger; it simply means that we should always practice being alert and learn how to take precautionary measures. It’s as easy as looking left and right when crossing the street, steering clear of dark alleys, driving with your seatbelt on, or going for doctor’s check-ups when we feel sick. Regardless of how many times people warn us about potential dangers, there are still people that shrug it off like it doesn’t matter. We went after said memes, and gathered them here as a friendly reminder that electricity and water don’t mix; also, wheelbarrows do not make good helmets.

#1 Ladder transportation

Credit: Pinterest

When these people bought a new ladder, they may have made a slight miscalculation with regard to the transportation vehicle.

#2 Swimming pool vs. ladder vs. rocking giraffe

Credit: Pinterest

At this moment, it isn’t clear who among the person, ladder, rocking giraffe, or pool is going to win this safety fail battle. Our money’s on the rocking giraffe.

  #3 Wood grinder fail

Credit: Pinterest

This is a clear violation of at least two vital construction safety rules.

#4 Plumber vs. technician

Credit: Pinterest

We wish the plumber and the electrician would just shake hands and get along. Nobody wins here. Nobody, we tell you.

#5 Key holder

Credit: Pinterest

This is obviously a very dangerous key holder, but our main question is: what happened to the person who nailed this in the wall? We hope they’re okay.

#6 Wheelbarrow helmet

Credit: Pinterest

Always protect your head when you’re riding your bike. In case you forgot your helmet at home, you can always use an alternative, like a wheelbarrow. Yeah, that’s not weird or dangerous at all.

#7 Safety first!

Credit: Pinterest

Sir, we’re not sure if you’re aware of it, but that’s not the proper way to wear a safety harness. It’s really not.

#8 Diving all in

Credit: Pinterest

Some people really get into their work and this guy should get a medal for being an extremely dedicated employee. We applaud your dauntlessness and immunity towards foul sewage water.

#9 Butt support

Credit: Pinterest

Always support your friends when they need your help. In this case, always support their butts with a plank of wood when they’re climbing a ladder, because there’s no way this could end badly, right? What’s the worst thing that could happen? It’s not like you could accidentally impale them or something.

10. Back up plan fail

Credit: Pinterest

We’re not even going to begin to explain how many things could go wrong in this situation. However, we will tell you that all of those things will hurt.

Maybe people should be required to take a course before being allowed to use ladders.

#11 How to make a human pancake

Credit: Pinterest

That moment when you want to repair your car by yourself, because you’re a strong independent individual who doesn’t need to rely on a mechanic to fix your car. Let’s hope that after this, he won’t be needing a hospital to fix him.

#12 Sparks fly

Credit: Wikimedia

Rule no. 1 when operating a welding machine: Wear a welding helmet, because sparks can travel up to 35 feet, and your face is only inches away from what you’re welding. Thank you.

#13 Locked

Credit: Reddit r/OSHA

Why on earth is there a padlock on the emergency button? How do they expect people to shut off the fuel in case of an emergency? Is there an emergency hammer right next to it that we can use to smash the plastic with? Or is the hammer also locked in? So many questions….

#14 No ladder, no problem

Credit: Reddit r/OSHA

Repainting your house is always a “fun” chore. The really stressful part is when you don’t have a ladder to get to those hard-to-reach places. Well, you can always resort to your list of life hacks and use the door instead.

#15 How to be a fire hazard

Credit: Reddit r/OSHA

This is what a perfect fire hazard looks like… We didn’t even notice the emergency exit at first glance! But trust us, it’s in there, somewhere.

#16 How to operate a chainsaw

Credit: Pinterest

We all make mistakes, it’s part of being human. The only problem is that some mistakes make a huge impact on people’s lives, and this one might leave a mark.

#17 Nap time

Credit: Reddit r/OSHA

Could someone please tell us if this person was sleep walking or if he just wanted to see what it was like to take a nap in a high-risk situation? “Living life on the edge” has taken on a whole new meaning!

#18 Teamwork at its finest

Credit: Reddit r/OSHA

We know what you’re thinking. These guys must be out of their minds, putting their lives at stake to fix a car. That’s where you’re wrong. You don’t need to worry, because these men are all cousins of the Incredible Hulk. They can handle it.

#20 Spiderman moves

Credit: Pinterest

How did this person get up there? Hold on, is that you Peter Parker? All we can say is that we commend your dedication to changing that lightbulb.

#20 Slide down the rabbit hole

Credit: Pinterest

Hey, kids, in case you come across this playground, do not use this slide. We repeat: do not use this slide. This is not the passageway to Wonderland.

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