Construction safety FAILS that are absolutely hilarious

Caution: Danger, Will Robinson!

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Danger is omnipresent in the world. That doesn’t mean that we should be paranoid at the thought of being in constant danger; it simply means that we should always practice being alert and learn how to take precautionary measures. It’s as easy as looking left and right when crossing the street, steering clear of dark alleys, driving with your seatbelt on, or going for doctor’s check-ups when we feel sick. Regardless of how many times people warn us about potential dangers, there are still people that shrug it off like it doesn’t matter. We went after said memes, and gathered them here as a friendly reminder that electricity and water don’t mix; also, wheelbarrows do not make good helmets.

#1 Ladder transportation

Credit: Pinterest

When these people bought a new ladder, they may have made a slight miscalculation with regard to the transportation vehicle.