Here is how famous heroes and villains look like without their masks


When getting into the character, actors have to wear different costumes or masks, prosthesis and makeup. This way, they transform into the hero or the villain they impersonate. So if you have wondered how these actors looked without their masks and costumes, we’re here to show you the most amazing transformations. We all know how actors that played iconic characters really look in real life.

However, will also get to see many famous actors that have been hidden under their masks and props so good we didn’t even know they were playing in those movies! You won’t be able to recognize many of these actors if you were to pick them from a lineup. Let’s see their masks and learn something about the whole process they had to go through before the cameras rolled.

Gamora – Zoe Saldana


Although clad in green makeup, Zoe Saldana’s transformation into Gamora took five hours! And she wasn’t the only actress in the Marvel and Avengers movies waiting for the costume and layers of makeup to be added… Here’s one of her colleagues on the set.