Hasbro’s new Nerf House video series stars NFL players and LSU quarterback Joe Burrow

Julian Edelman, Jamal Adams, Christian McCaffrey, and JuJu Smith-Schuster are featured in the series

Hasbro has just launched its newest Nerf video series on Thursday.

Titled Nerf House, the five-part, sitcom-like web series follows NFL celebrities Julian Edelman, Jamal Adams, Christian McCaffrey, and JuJu Smith-Schuster — as well as potential #1 NFL draft pick Joe Burrow —  as they live together in the titular house and compete against each other in Nerf wars.

The first episode starts with Smith-Schuster arriving at the Nerf House with his invitation. He is welcomed by Edelman, who quickly informs the newcomer that they’re both on Blue Team. With all the participants gathered in the living room, Edelman lays down the house rules: always wear your eye protector; do not blast above the neck; do not eat Nerf darts; and don’t not have fun.

Following a brief Nerf Ultra Two commercial, also featuring Edelman, the first episode formally introduces the members of Blue Team and Orange Team, and reveals the Nerf blaster of choice of each of the players. As previously mentioned, Blue Team is composed of Edelman (Nerf Ultra Two) and Smith-Schuster (Nerf Fortnite Rippley AR). Members of the Orange Team, meanwhile, are Adams (Nerf Zombie Strike Alternator), McCaffrey (Nerf Ultra One), and Burrow (Nerf Shell Strike).

The first episode ends with a preview for the next episode, in which an angry Edelman tries to find out who among his housemates made fun of him by putting some peanut butter to his trusty Nerf Ultra Two.

The first episode runs for three minutes, so it’s expected that the four remaining episodes will have the same length. New episodes go live every Thursday.

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Nerf House video series is produced by Edelman’s production company, Coast Productions.