Get this beautiful hand-painted grogger in time for Purim

Make some noise for this artistic hand-painted grogger

Purim celebrations are defined by dressing up in costumes, indulging in delicious festival food and drinks, gift exchanges, and donations to the less fortunate. All of these festivities are made loud and clear with the help of a grogger, and your Purim holidays wouldn’t be the same without one!

Get this beautiful hand painted grogger on Etsy to truly make noise this Purim holiday.

Hand-painted Purim grogger

Where can I buy the hand-painted grogger?

This graceful noisemaker is available on Etsy for $95.90. Crafted from Israeli olive wood, this stunning rattle will complete your Purim festivities. To top it all off, you can even request customization for a little personal touch. This way, you can gift it to your nearest and dearest.

Affordable grogger options

Metal grogger

Metal grogger

If you’re looking for a more affordable type of noisemaker, this metal one is priced at just $2.99. It’s nearly as artistic as the previous one and will encourage both kids and adults to make some noise.

Wooden grogger

Wooden grogger

Another noisemaker that you are bound to love is this wooden grogger that depicts the skyline of ancient Jerusalem on it. Measuring 8.2 in x 7.5 in and priced at $21.90, this Jewish holiday must-have will be perfect for synagogues, community celebrations, and family get-togethers.

What is a grogger?

Grogger translates to “rattle” in English, which is exactly what it is. It is a toy that children have been playing with (on and off) since the establishment of Purim in the 5th century BC. Children would swing the rattle repeatedly as adults burned an effigy of Judas, in a ceremony called “the burning of Judas”.

However, this device wasn’t always considered a toy. The origin of the grogger goes way back, and some of its former uses may surprise or even shock you.

Historically, it was used as an alternative for church bells. While the high-pitched sound that it produced may not have been as velvety and resounding as that of traditional church bells, it did make a lot of noise, and that was enough to notify people of the mass that was in session or concluding.

At one point in time, the grogger was even utilized in law enforcement before the invention of the whistle. Police officers or watchmen would have this ready in case they needed to warn someone or chase a criminal. You could say that groggers served as a siren, and it sure did beat yelling at the top of your lungs for a person to stop running away from you.

Later on, this traditional noisemaker evolved into a device that was used as a gas alarm during World War II. Officers clad in gas masks and hazmat suits would patrol the streets and ring groggers as a warning signal.

As you can see, the grogger has often been associated with violence or danger. But nowadays, it’s a symbol of celebration and we’re glad that “shake your grogger” has been repurposed to symbolize the festivities of the modern-day Purim.

What is Purim?

Purim is a Jewish festival that is celebrated in spring on the 14th or 15th day of Adar. According to the book of Esther, the religious holiday commemorates the defeat of Haman’s plot to eliminate the Jews. This holiday may not be as widespread as other major Jewish celebrations, but it’s definitely something worth commemorating (as loud as you can!).

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