Dustin Tyler’s acting career: What are his movies and shows?

Is the popular TikToker related to Keanu Reeves?

Social media influencer Dustin Tyler


Dustin Tyler is a social media influencer, tattoo model, and professional barber in the United States. Known for his online posts that combine adult humor and sarcasm, the TikTok star has nearly 2 million followers across different social networking sites. But has he appeared in movies and TV shows? Read on to learn about Dustin Tyler acting career and find out how he overcame his dark past and became the Internet personality that he is today.

What did Dustin Tyler act in?

In a number of TikTok videos in the past, Dustin Tyler joked about being a former child actor on different TV shows. He used to post clips next to actor Matt Bennett, who played Robbie Shapiro in Nickelodeon’s Victorious, playfully suggesting that he is him. While his bio on his official TikTok account clearly states that his account contains jokes and satire, some people believe that his posts about being an actor are true.


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The fact that there’s an actor named Dustin Tyler on IMDb also contributes to the notion that the social media personality has done some acting. But are these two Dustin Tylers the same person?

The Dustin Tyler listed on IMDb made his acting debut as Kyle in the 2021 horror movie The Demon’s Waltz. He will be next seen as Aedan in another scream flick, titled Stay Out of the Basement, which is set to come out sometime in 2023.

The Demon’s Waltz follows a private investigator who tries to solve a case involving a TikTok challenge that has led to the deaths of multiple individuals. Ryan Callaway, the writer and director of the film, reportedly created the story based on his disdain for TikTok, so it makes sense to have an actual TikTok star like Dustin Tyler feature in the movie. However, a quick glance at a screenshot of the character Kyle from the film, reveals that the Dustin Tyler who played him is different from the social media influencer Dustin Tyler.

Actor Dustin Tyler as Kyle in The Demon’s Waltz
Actor Dustin Tyler as Kyle in The Demon’s Waltz

Another indication that the social media star Dustin Tyler is not the same person as the Dustin Tyler listed on IMDb is the absence of any mention of the movie on his social media accounts. The influencer Dustin Tyler frequently promotes his projects and business ventures online, so if he was the one who appeared in the film, it’s safe to assume that he would have shared information about it on TikTok or Instagram. But there’s no mention of him starring in the film on social media.

Who is Dustin Tyler to Keanu Reeves?


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Social media influencer Dustin Tyler is not related to Keanu Reeves. But in some of his most popular TikToks in the past, Tyler made outrageous claims that his biological father is Keanu Reeves and his biological mother is Sandra Bullock. Apparently, this is just one of the many jokes Tyler has made on different social media platforms.

Why is Dustin Tyler famous?

As previously mentioned above, Dustin Tyler became popular for his online posts that combine adult humor and sarcasm. His love for tattoos and fashion has also helped him earn a huge following on social media. Aside from being a tattoo model, he himself is also a tattoo artist.

As of March 2023, Tyler has 1.8 million followers on TikTok, 103,000 followers on Instagram (omfgitsdustingtyler account), 23,000 followers on Facebook, and 1,600 followers on Twitter. Interestingly, he is followed by the likes of Kelly Osbourne and adult film star Jenna Jameson.

Tyler created his Instagram account in April 2017, shortly after doing some modeling work for his gym friend’s clothing line called EXCD.

Dustin Tyler wearing an EXCD shirt
Dustin Tyler wearing an EXCD shirt

“The way I got started was actually through a friend of mine from the gym who has a clothing line, he asked me if I’d like to do some modeling for the brand and its Instagram page, of course I was flattered and said ‘yes’,” Tyler recalled of how he got into social media in an interview with Thrive Global in 2019. “After we had finished doing the photo shoot my friend had told me that he thinks I should make my own personal Instagram page, as at the time I didn’t have one, I took his advice and now here we are today.”

Tyler has since made several successful partnerships with popular brands like Stay Cold Apparel, Clocks and Colours, and Sullen Art Collective, among many others.

In a separate 2019 interview with Phi La Duke published on Medium.com, Tyler shared that working with Sullen Art Collective is one of the highlights of his journey as a social media influencer.

“The most interesting and neat thing that’s happened to me since I’ve started my journey was getting the chance to work with my favorite brand, Sullen Art Collective.” He said at the time. “I’ve always worn their clothes but never would I have guessed that they would personally reach out to me and ask if I’d be willing to promote the clothing line. This was so surreal to me as well as an amazing experience and a great opportunity.”

Dustin Tyler wearing a shirt by Sullen Art Collective
Dustin Tyler wearing a shirt by Sullen Art Collective

Dustin Tyler’s personal life

Dustin Tyler’s age

Dustin Tyler was born on October 13th, 1985 in Mankato, Minnesota. He is 37 years old as of March 2023.

Dustin Tyler’s parents

Dustin Tyler grew up in a middle-class family and was raised mainly by her mother, as she and his biological father were never married and had separated while he was still young. When he was around 4 years old, his mother met his stepfather and got married. They then moved to Medford, Oregon, where he spent most of his life growing up.

“Moving to a new state where I knew nobody wasn’t easy but as I got older I made my circle of friends,” Tyler recalled in his interview with Thrive Global. “The kids I chose to associate with probably wasn’t the best choice, as nowadays most of them have either passed away from drug overdose or have been in and out of the corrections system. As a kid I always remember my mother trying her best to make me attend school but I had a defiant personality and that rarely happened, instead I chose to run around the streets with my friends, skateboard, smoke weed and raise hell.”

According to Tyler, her juvenile-like behavior continued until his second year in high school when he had an epiphany that he needed to change and wanted to do better for himself. “I came to the conclusion that I wanted to graduate but didn’t have enough credits to earn my diploma, so I attended night school and eventually earned my G.E.D.,” he continued.” I started hanging around a whole new group of guys that were a much more positive influence on me and therefore my late teens and early 20’s I managed to stay out of any serious trouble.”

In 2011, Tyler completed a certificate in barbering at the Phagans Grants Pass College of Beauty, which helped him land a job at Great Clips. Prior to gaining social media fame, Tyler had also worked at Spencer’s Gift Shop.

Dustin Tyler’s son

Dustin Tyler became a father to Carson at the age of 24. In his interview with Phil La Duke, Tyler shared that his son inspires him to be a great leader. “I want to be a positive role model for him and make sure to always set a good example,” the Instagram celebrity said at the time. “I would like for him to one day inherit all the great qualities he saw in me and put them into action himself. I want to show him that he can do anything he puts his mind to, even when it feels like all odds are against you.”

Dustin Tyler’s girlfriend

It’s not clear whether Dustin Tyler currently has a girlfriend. But back in 2019, he took to Facebook to confirm that he was in a relationship.

Dustin Tyler’s net worth

According to various sources, Dustin Tyler net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million as of March 2023.

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