How to convert your home into a Doom level with a Roomba

Thanks to this new plugin from Rich Whitehouse

How to convert your home into a Doom level with a Roomba 1

Game developer and tech enthusiast Rich Whitehouse is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Doom by joining his two passions into one eyebrow raising project.

Called Doomba, Rich has combined technology from the Roomba and his job to allow anyone to turn their home (or any indoor space) into a playable Doom level.

Using Rich’s script and data gathered by your autonomous vacuum cleaner, he says anyone can generate textured, fully playable maps for Doom and other games (i.e. Heretic) based on the same engine.

According to Rich – who is doing this work to “serve the Dark Lord” – his program uses the Roomba’s advanced VSLAM mapping technology to gather detailed information about your specific layout. From there the data is feed into the developer’s “Noesis” software where it is joined with model, image, and animation data to output your living room as a demonic Doom map.

However, if you’re a bit reluctant to turn your living quarters into a creepy, horror-filled video game, Rich’s software can also convert images (i.e. the Apple or Audi logo) into maps. Nevertheless, Rich admits that such maps aren’t as great as those created by your Roomba.

If you think you have the technical chops to dive deeper, you can download the necessary files from Rich’s website for free.

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