Doom is getting a limited edition anniversary pack that adds 18 new levels

Doom’s creator is releasing the limited edition anniversary pack for the game’s 25th anniversary

To celebrate Doom’s 25th anniversary, co-creator John Romero has created a nine-level ‘spiritual successor’ called Sigil.

Arriving in single- and multi-player modes, this ‘add-on’ is perfect for anyone looking to relive their demon-slaying glory days.

While the add-on is free, Romero is also selling a $40 “Standard Edition”, as well as a $166 “Beast Box” for diehard fans of the beloved franchise.

The Standard Edition ships with Sigil, a Buckethead soundtrack, and a floppy disk-themed USB drive – all arriving in a collectible metal box designed by Christopher Lovell.

The Beast Box features all of the above plus a collectible pewter statue, commemorative coin, t-shirt, and a rare Christopher Lovell art print.

Fans have until December 24th to preorder. According to Engadget, Romero is expected to start shipping orders in February.

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