If Disney and Nintendo characters collided

We’re definitely in a whole new world now

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These artists have imagined what it would be like if two of our favorite universes collided – the world of Disney Princesses and the world of Nintendo characters.

Some crossovers are only a matter of time before they happen. For instance, Crisis on Infinite Earths or the Avengers. Other crossovers have pretty much zero possibility of ever gracing our screens, which is why these eccentric mashups of Disney and Nintendo characters should be a treat for you! Artists like Wiberth Gonzales, Hoshi Hana, and Dragon Aurora Light seamlessly combined animated icons, rendering beautiful collisions of two of our favorite franchises.

You’ll find that Peter Pan wandered a bit too far from Neverland and made a new friend in the kingdom of Hyrule. Also, if you’re looking for Alice, she isn’t in Wonderland anymore. Nope. She climbed down a different rabbit hole this time, and ended up in Pallet Town to hang out with her Pokemon squad. Read on for Disney x Nintendo.

#1 Gotta catch Winnie the Pooh

Credit: Artacuna

Both Winnie the Pooh and Pikachu are known for their sweet demeanor, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that these two would be best friends.

#2 Sleeping Zelda

Credit: Glimpen

Ever notice the striking resemblance that Princess Aurora and Princess Zelda bear? Their similarities are magnified with this artwork that fuses them together. Another thing Zelda and Aurora both have in common is that there are two brave knights trying to save them!

#3 Ariel x Pokemon

Credit: Wilberth Gonzales

The Little Mermaid went for a swim with a Krabby and a Seaking. Oh, and she seems to have traded in her iconic green tail for a Gyarados tail!

#4 Snow White and the seven mimes

Credit: Wilberth Gonzales

With her trusty seven dwarves working at the mine all day, Snow White is bound to get bored. Maybe these seven Mr. Mimes can keep her company? Or, wait a second. Those aren’t Pokemon. In fact, these look like the dwarves dressed up as mr. Mimes for a Halloween party!

#5 Link in Neverland

Credit: Dragonauroralight

Link from the Legend of Zelda made a quick detour to Neverland for an outfit change on his way to his princess Zelda. Link and Peter’s outfit switch can make anyone do a double-take. Are Peter Pan and Link secretly long lost twin brothers?

#6 Rapunzel and her Jolteon

Credit: Taoshin

This long-locked princess found a Pokemon companion that matches her charm and golden hair. Don’t they look adorable together?

#7 Pokemon in Wonderland

Credit: Itsbirdy

Meowth and Caterpie found their way to Wonderland. Or is it the other way around? Did Alice and Nivens McTwist climb out of the rabbit hole and into the Pokemon world? With all that magic from both worlds flying around, we’ll never know for sure.

#8 Pocahontas x Pokemon

Credit: Wilberth Gonzales

This fierce Powhatan princess has a close connection with the sacred powers of nature, while Doduo, Slowbro, and Evee can kick some serious butt in a battle. This is clearly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

#9 Mulan and Dratini

Credit: Wilberth Gonzales

Mushu looks like he’s trying to trick Mulan into thinking that he’s a Pokemon, but with this warrior princess’ sharp mental skills, I don’t think he’ll get away with it.


#10 Moana x Flareon

Credit: Taoshin

Polynesian beauty, Moana, found a fiery new crew member for her next escapade in Flareon. Where will the line where the sky meets the sea call her to next?

#11 Mario vs. Thor

Credit: Kuitsuku

It’s a hammer showdown between Mario and Thor. Who are you going to place your bets on?

#12 Mario of the Pride Lands

Credit: Naolito

Alluding to the birth of Simba in the Lion King, Donkey Kong just went all Rafiki on Mario. Does that mean Mario is now king?

#13 A whole new Growlithe

Credit: Ace.Of.Artz

Jasmine fiercely loves her pets. She loves them so much that she found a Pokemon friend for her pet tiger, Rajah.

#14 Elsa and her Sylveon

Credit: Taoshin

Do you want to build a snowman with Elsa and her Pokemon, Sylveon?

#15 Elsa and Rosalina

Credit: TheBourgyMan

Elsa invited another princess over to Arendelle. With Elsa’s ice manipulating abilities and Rosalina’s cosmic powers, these two royals can create a world beyond our wildest dreams.

#16 The Legend of Donald

Credit: Hoshi Hana

Zelda and Link look different here. Did they do something different with their hair?

#17 Cinderella the Pokemon Master

Credit: Wilberth Gonzales

One of the loveliest girls in all the lands has dabbled into Pokemon training; and guess what? She’s a natural! Look out, Pokemon League!

#18 Aurora and the Pokemon

Credit: Wilberth Gonzales

Her fairy godmothers sent her to pick berries, but instead, she decided to explore the forest with a Pidgey, some Butterfrees, and a pair of Oddishes. This looks way more interesting that berry-picking, that’s for sure.

#19 Evee and the Belle

Credit: Taoshin

This little Pokemon looks right at home frolicking in the snow with princess Belle. Where will they go next? A trip to the library perhaps?

#20 The Little Vaporeon

Credit: Taoshin

As expected, Ariel winds up befriending every water-type Pokemon ever. They probably think she’s a Pokemon herself!

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