Donkey Kong joins the LEGO Super Mario universe

LEGO Super Mario unveils 4 Donkey Kong expansion sets

LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong Tree House Expansion Set

It’s official: Donkey Kong is now part of the ever-expanding LEGO Super Mario universe.

Today, April 28th, the LEGO Group has unveiled four new LEGO Super Mario expansion sets featuring Donkey Kong, along with his friends and family, including Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, and Dixie Kong.

Simon Kent, design director at LEGO, said: “The excitement continues to grow for the LEGO Super Mario franchise with yet another playful update. We’re welcoming the iconic Donkey Kong into the LEGO Super Mario product line! We can’t wait to see how the four Expansion Sets inspire kids to discover the new wild and colorful jungle from the Donkey Kong universe, whether that’s hanging out in the tree house, riding a mine cart, jamming out with Dixie Kong, or exploring with Rambi.”

What are the 4 new LEGO Super Mario Donkey Expansion Sets?

The LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong Expansion Sets offer fans a new Donkey Kong-inspired world to explore and new adventures to take on. It allows children and adults alike to use their imagination to fully immerse themselves in Donkey Kong’s jungle by providing exciting ways to play. The new Donkey Kong Expansion Sets and characters can also interact with LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, and LEGO Peach for more added fun. Below are the four Donkey Kong-themed LEGO Super Mario expansion sets:

Donkey Kong’s Tree House Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong’s Tree House Expansion Set

You can use LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, or LEGO Peach figures to jump onto Donkey Kong’s back and explore this colorful tree house. This playset has a buildable TV and radio, and lets you play the conga drums or even visit Cranky Kong to earn some digital coins. Look closely and you may discover a secret compartment! If you get tired after all the exploration, there’s a comfy hammock for Donkey Kong to have a nap in.

  • Age: 8+
  • Price: USD 59.99 / EUR 64.99 / GBP 57.99
  • Pieces: 555
  • Product No.: 71424
  • Dimensions: 19cm high, 46cm wide and 17cm deep

Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Diddy Kong's Mine Cart Ride Expansion Set

This incredible building set features one of Donkey Kong’s most iconic locations and challenges. Place a LEGO Super Mario figure in the mine cart to ride around the track. Flip the Snaggles out of the way, fix the broken section of track, defeat the Mole Miner, and ‘explode’ the rock to reveal a bunch of bananas. Will you “eat” them or gift them to Diddy Kong or Funky Kong? The fun doesn’t stop there, you can buy balloons from Funky Kong’s airplane shop and fly the plane too!

  • Age: 8+
  • Price: USD 109.99 / EUR 104.99 / GBP 94.99
  • Pieces: 1,157
  • Product No.: 71425
  • Dimensions: 12cm high, 51cm wide and 50cm deep

Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam Expansion Set

Get ready for some musical fun with Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam Expansion Set. LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO® Peach can take center stage and perform with Dixie Kong and Squawks, the parrot, in this playset featuring vibrant and fun jungle surroundings.

  • Age: 7+
  • Price: USD 26.99 / EUR 26.99 / GBP 20.99
  • Pieces: 174
  • Product No.: 71421
  • Dimensions: 12cm high, 24cm wide and 10cm deep

Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario figures can jump on Rambi’s back and ride into action in this expansion set. Listen out for fun sound effects when Rambi walks, charges into the included stackable rock elements, or makes other movements.

  • Age: 7+
  • Price: USD 10.99 / EUR 9.99 / GBP 8.99
  • Pieces: 106
  • Product No.: 71420
  • Dimensions: 6cm high, 11cm long and 5cm wide

When will the LEGO Super Mario Donkey Expansion Sets be available?

All four LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong Expansion Sets will be available from August 1st, 2023 via LEGO stores,, and from select leading retailers around the world.

Who is Donkey Kong?

Created by Shigeru Miyamoto and owned by Nintendo, Donkey Kong is the main character of the Donkey Kong video game franchise. It follows the adventures of the titular gorilla, along with his ape friends and family.

Is Donkey Kong part of the Mario franchise?

Although Donkey Kong and Mario are two different franchises, both worlds are inevitably connected as the two characters debuted at the same time in the same video game. Released in 1981, the arcade game Donkey Kong marked the first appearance of both characters. Donkey Kong is the titular antagonist while Mario is the hero of the game that features an industrial construction setting

Why is Donkey Kong not a donkey?

Creator Shigeru Miyamoto only used the word “donkey” in Donkey Kong’s name to convey “stubborn” in English. Since “Kong” means “large ape”, the name Donkey Kong was intended to convey “stubborn ape” to the American audience. Although people reportedly laughed when Miyamoto suggested this name to Nintendo of America, the video game company apparently wasn’t able to come up with a better moniker so the name stuck.

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