How Disney Princesses would look if they lived in 2020

Belle, Ariel, Jasmine and the other princesses fit in well in the 21st century.

Illustrator and concept artist Fernanda Suarez has created an awesome illustrated series in which she draws what your favorite Disney princesses would probably look like if they existed in 2020. Her magnificent artworks draw inspiration from contemporary trends set by her favorite style vloggers and brands. “I wanted them to truly feel like people you would find on the streets nowadays,” Suarez said during her conversation with BuzzFeed.

Here’s a closer look at how the most popular Disney princesses would probably look like had they walked amongst us today:

#1 Belle

Source: Fernanda Suarez

Belle comes across as the perfect girl-next-door. With curious eyes and messed up brown hair, modern-day Belle looks like she’s still just as independent and headstrong, and still a total book-worm. She reminds us of Natalie Portman.