Celebs transformed into insanely realistic 3D characters

This is what your favorite actors would look like if they were in a video game

Celebs transformed into insanely realistic 3D characters 13

Since video games become a multi-billion-dollar industry, more and more celebrities have lent their likeness to video games featuring 3D graphics. And since this trend is expected to continue for a long time, both professional and amateur 3D artists are hard at work in improving their skills in creating 3D models of celebrities. One of those 3D artists is Hossein Diba, who has been designing characters for video games, movies, and collectibles since 2008. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Diba has already collaborated with huge video game companies like Blizzard Entertainment and CD Projekt. To see how great he is at transforming celebrities into insanely realistic 3D characters, below are some of his most amazing works.

#1 Chris Hemsworth

Celebs transformed into insanely realistic 3D characters 14

Created for motion 3D studio Eternitease, this head sculpt of Chris Hemsworth is an eye candy. It accurately captures the actor’s broad chin, prominent brow bone, and of course, his mesmerizing blue eyes. The light stubble also makes the digital art look more realistic. And though this 3D model doesn’t depict Hemsworth’s rugged Thor appearance that a lot of Marvel fans fell in love with, it just proves that the actor will always be handsome whatever look he’ll try to pull off.