BriteBrush is a smart toothbrush for kids that plays the Baby Shark song

This toothbrush is loaded with games and songs to teach kids how to brush properly

WowWee, the folks behind Fingerlings, is introducing the BriteBrush, a smart toothbrush that aims to teach kids the proper way of brushing their teeth. Not only does it gamify brushing but it allows kids to listen to the hit Baby Shark song while they brush!

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Brite Brush

BriteBrush is a smart toothbrush that aims to teach kids the proper way of brushing their teeth


WowWee actually teamed up with product designers of the musical toothbrush, ToothTunes, to create the Britebrush. This smart, interactive toothbrush uses songs, games, and live coaching to help children learn the proper brushing method widely endorsed by dentists. The brush is a standalone product which means it doesn’t depend on apps, programs, or any other device to function. Instead, BriteBrush works by using engaging audio and games to teach the Modified Bass Technique for brushing and it utilizes a reward system for doing it properly.

The brush uses proprietary smart sensor technology, along with its vibrating handle, as tools to encourage total mouth coverage and side-change recognition. And for extra assurance, parents can check the built-in Parent Check Light to make sure their kids are brushing correctly.

There are two variants of the BriteBrush. The BriteBrush GameBrush is aimed at kids aged 5 and up and it’s equipped with seven games which include a practice mode, space attack, soccer pinball, dance star, punch master, race car rally, and rockstar jam. For kids aged 3 to 5, WowWee offers the BriteBrush Pinkfong Baby Shark variant. As indicated in the name, it features the internet-famous Baby Shark song along with bubble popping adventures and treasure hunts.

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The BriteBrush is now available at Amazon and Target for just $19.99. Both brushes come with two soft brush heads.