These before-and-after photos of rescued plants are unbelievably inspiring

Thinking of giving up on your plants? These pics will definitely change your mind

Taking care of plants is far more difficult than it looks, especially for those who are not born with a green thumb. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to growing plants, a lot of first-time plant parents are easily disheartened when their babies don’t flourish the way they’re supposed to. This, however, shouldn’t make them throw in the towel just yet, because sometimes plants just need more time to adapt, mature, and fill out. If you’re looking for some inspiration to continue being a plant parent, below are photos of neglected plants that have recovered amazingly after getting another shot at life.

#1 Chinese Evergreen

Credit: Reddit coralcatmeow

Abandoned in an office for five long months, this Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema Stripes) was uprooted from its original pot and was brought home in a box by its new owner. The plant was then potted into a well-draining soil and was let to dry every after watering. A year later, all its wilted leaves had bounced back splendidly. The plant also grew several new ones and even pushed out a flower at one point.