Baby Yoda gets their own Monopoly edition

The board game features themes and artwork inspired by the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian

The cutest edition of the Monopoly board game is here!

Officially called Monopoly: Star Wars The Child Edition, this version of the classic tabletop game is inspired by Baby Yoda and the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Moving around the board as The Child, players buy and sell Hideouts and Common Houses, and follow the actions on the Camtono cards and Bounty Puck cards. Like most editions of the game, the last player remaining after everyone else has gone bankrupt wins.

The gameboard itself features places and objects familiar to viewers of The Mandalorian. These include images of a cup of bone broth, a frog, tracking FOB, razor crest cockpit, and razor crest Storage Bay.


The game also comes with 4 cardboard tokens featuring images of The Child in different poses like eating a frog, harnessing the power of the Force, drinking a cup of bone broth, and sitting in the Hoverpram.

Completing the game set are 18 Title Deed cards, 16 Bounty Puck cards, 16 Camtono cards, 32 plastic hideouts, 12 plastic common houses, 12 dice, money pack, and a game guide.

Suitable for kids ages 8 and up, this Monopoly edition makes a great gift for The Mandalorian fans and a nice addition to any Star Wars toy collection.

Monopoly: Star Wars The Child Edition is now available for pre-order for $19.99 at Entertainment Earth and other toy retailers. Shipping is slated to start in September.


Monopoly: Star Wars The Child Edition

This board game features themes and artwork inspired by Baby Yoda and Disney+ series The Mandalorian


This Baby Yoda edition of Monopoly joins the list of other Monopoly editions based on the galaxy far, far away. Some of the previously released Star Wars-themed Monopoly board games are Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition, Monopoly: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition,  Monopoly: Star Wars Classic Trilogy Edition, and Monopoly: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition, just to name a few.