Anker’s 24K gold-plated lightning to USB-C cable is Bad and Boujee

It comes in a premium gift box and matching carrying pouch

Anker, known for its dependable and affordable charging cables, is launching a rather unusual luxury product – a limited-edition 24K gold-plated, USB-C to Lightning cable.

You read that right. This limited edition cable is a premium variant that’s part of Anker’s PowerLine+ III series. The 24K gold plating can be found on the two cable heads and is paired with a black and gold braided cable similar to other products in the PowerLine+ III series.

It also adopts all the other features found on the PowerLine+ III series. This includes a hand-crafted cable that goes through a 51-step construction process. It’s durable enough to endure a 35,000-bend lifespan and comes is colored with a combination of gold and black to match the cable heads.

With support for high-speed charging and Power Delivery, this cable can charge the iPhone 8, and all models after it, to 50% in just half an hour – provided that it’s being charged with a power brick that’s at least 18W. It’s also MFi certified so you can be sure that it will work with any device that uses a Lightning port.

As for its price, this 2020 special edition 24K gold cable doesn’t come cheap. Interested customers can get this product for $99.99 on Amazon. Fortunately, this premium price comes with a lifetime warranty and the product comes in a very attractive gift box with a matching travel pouch. The company does mention that this item will be available in limited quantities so interested customers should act fast.

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