These are the American cities with the smallest apartments

Apartments across the U.S. are getting smaller, while rents are rising

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New York is famous for its modestly sized apartments, but the cities we’ve rounded up here are home to apartments a lot smaller than you’d ever expect!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom only inches away from each other?  With rents rising across the country, especially in urban areas, this kind of cramped layout is becoming more and more commonplace. Much of this data has been provided to us by, which is a great resource for nationwide rentals. The site discovered that apartments across the country are getting smaller, while at the same time, rents are rising, and in some cities, such as Brooklyn, the rents are sky-rocketing.

Starting from the “largest” smallest apartments, read through to discover the cities with the tiniest studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, and 2-bedroom apartments in the U.S, along with how much they cost to rent on average.

#1 Marion, Indiana

There are four interesting things to know about Marion, Indiana. 1. It’s the birthplace of actor, James Dean. 2. It’s where cartoonist Jim Davis, was born. 3.  Actress Julia Roberts and singer Lyle Lovett both married here in 1993. 4. You can live in a 914 square foot apartment here for only $623 per month.