50 Groovy photos of celebrities

Travel back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with photos of legendary celebs

Groovy photos of celebs

Looking back at old photographs is like taking a journey back in time. These groovy photos of celebs in the ’50s, ’60s and the ‘70s invoke memories of a simpler time before cell phones and computers took over the world. So hold onto your afro wigs and platform heels, because we’re diving into a time slip and spiraling back into an era when bell-bottoms were as big as your dreams, and when everyone thought we’d have flying cars by 2021.

#1 Audrey Hepburn

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 49

Year photo taken: 1966

The name Audrey Hepburn is still a household name that has managed to transcend decades. As a matter of fact, this British beauty is so famous that we’re almost certain that even aliens would recognize her iconic face. #QueenAudrey

Widely loved in both the film and fashion industry, this charming photo of the legendary star was taken while she was filming the “How to Steal a Million” movie. It channels her effortless sophistication that many have drawn inspiration from over the years. Audrey Hepburn showcased that true beauties need not flaunt skin, as their talent and charisma suffice. To that effect, taken in 1966, this shot looks stunning as ever. Get ready to run for your money, Instagram models.

#2 Barbra Streisand

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 50

Year photo taken: 1973

Barbra Streisand is indisputably one of the most talented singers the music industry has ever seen. With an entertainment career spanning seven decades, the showbiz heavyweight has demonstrated her prowess in multiple fields of performing arts.

This image stems from the “Barbra Streisand…and Other Musical Instruments” studio album produced in 1973. The masterpiece features the singer in all her splendid vocal glory as she showcases her range with new songs and classic hits.

Aside from being a bright shining star with a golden voice, this photo clearly depicts that the “S” in Streisand also stands for STYLISH.

#3 Marilyn Monroe

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 51

Year photo taken: 1960

As far as pop culture icons go, Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood history. Known for her comedic blonde bombshell characters, this actress, model and singer is the original “triple threat” celebrity.

In this retro picture from 1960, we can observe the legend in a teal bathing suit that flaunts all her curves. Taken on the set of her movie, “Let’s Make Love”, this vintage photo evokes all those ‘60s feels.

#4 Cher

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 52

Year photo taken: 1974

Music enthusiasts may know Cher as the goddess of pop, but she’s also pretty much trail blazed her way into becoming an empress of fashion as well. Photos (usually) don’t lie, and this picture of Cher in a cropped top and suspenders speaks volumes of the truth.

Alongside Sonny, her partner in musical brilliance, the duo makes 1974 look absolutely groovyx. In the photo above, the couple poses happily for “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour”, an American variety show that ran on CBS at the time.

#5 Jimi Hendrix

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 53

Year photo taken: 1969

People still regard Jimi Hendrix as one of the most iconic musicians of the 20th century. He revolutionized the way music was made in the 60s and 70s with his unique use of effects units.1969 was the year the master guitarist brought us his hit feed-worthy photo at the Woodstock Music and Art Festival.

His career may have only lasted 4 years, but Jimi swiftly became the king of electric guitars and has left a long lasting impact on music. Based on this photo, he was clearly the king of funky headbands too.

6. Elizabeth Taylor

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 54

Year photo taken: 1958

From this picture alone, it’s quite obvious why Elizabeth Taylor is one of the biggest icons of classical Hollywood cinema. Her beauty clearly radiates like the sun. In this promo shot from the 1958 movie, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, the showbiz icon simply looks unreal.

Instagrammers can try all they want to capture a shot that’s this aesthetically pleasing, but we all know that there’s just something about these classics that’s completely inimitable and irreplaceable.

7. Elvis Presley

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 55

Year photo taken: 1979

We’re 99% sure that at least one of your grandparents had this poster up on their wall.

This still from the 1979 biopic “Elvis” reminds us that we love Elvis not only for his music and legendary sideburns, but also for that endearing smile of his that looks like a half-smirk. He’ll always be “The King”; there’s no doubt about that.

8. Mick Jagger

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 56

Year photo taken: 1968

The amount of charisma that Mick Jagger embodies is inexplicable. Everybody loves this guy, whether or not you know his music. He’s 77 now and still as much of a rockstar as he was in the 20th century. We’ll always be a fan of this Sir.

When it comes to being groovy, it doesn’t get groovier than this image of Mick Jagger sitting next to John Lennon at the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus in 1968. The power this photo holds is strong enough to light up New York City after dark.

9. David Bowie

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 57

Year photo taken: 1976

Believe it or not, this is probably the most low-key outfit we’ve ever seen David Bowie in. He usually goes for loud colours that are just waiting to pop out of the photo, but we must say he looks just as aesthetically pleasing in a sleek fedora and black blazer during the shooting of the 1976 movie, “The Man Who Fell to Earth”.

Being quite the epitome of unconventional, Bowie’s music was just as unique as his sense of style. This legend gave us hits like “Rebel Rebel” and “Space Oddity” and for that, we’ll always be grateful.

10. Robert De Niro

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 58

Year Photo Taken: 1976

This still shot is from “Taxi Driver”, which is a classic Hollywood film that was released back in 1976. With a young and very handsome Robert De Niro as the lead character, this movie is one to add to your weekend watch list.

Today, the actor is 77 years old, yet he continues to shine in the world of cinema. There’s nothing in the world that can slow down one of the world’s greatest actors.

11. Bob Hope

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 59

Year Photo Taken: 1950

Climbing the ladder of success by wearing many hats, Bob Hope mastered the art of stand-up comedy, acting, singing, dancing, and writing. He is a Hollywood icon that has set the bar for many artist generations to come.

1950 was the year that “The Bob Hope Show” debuted. Running until 1956, the comedy show aired once a month, and was one of the most popular entertainment programs of its time. Taken on the set of “The Bob Hope Show”, this image depicts the illustrious comedian in a friendly sparring showdown with Joe Frazier.

12. Marlon Brando

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 60

Year Photo Taken: 1953

If there’s anyone who deserves to be called one of the kings of the cinema, it’s Marlon Brando. We live in an era wherein there is a flourishing industry brimming with unique and talented artists, however, we doubt we’ll ever see another Marlon Brando take the silver screen.

With a career spanning 6 decades and 2 Academy Awards for the Best Actor category under his belt, he is arguably the greatest actor that American cinema has ever seen. Movie enthusiasts may know him as Vito Corleone from “The Godfather” franchise, but way before he stepped into the shoes of this crime boss and patriarch, there was a time when he donned a leather jacket and wielded a motorcycle. Curious? Watch “The Wild One”, a 1953 noir/drama on wheels. Looks like “Rebel Without A Cause” has a cousin.

13. Freddie Mercury

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 61

Year photo taken: 1975

Freddie Mercury simply embodies everything groovy and retro. In this photo from 1975, the frontman of Queen slays as he belts out their hit single, “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The legendary singer was never one to shy away from eccentric fashion choices. He had a style all his own, and he owned it. Yas, “Queen.”

14. John Lennon

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 62

Year Photo Taken: 1965

Check out this photo of a smiling John Lennon on the set of “Help!”, a musical comedy from the groovy era of 1965. The Fab Four always had a special knack for conveying side-splitting slapstick comedy.

Moreover his chemistry with the camera, John Lennon wasn’t just one of the greatest musicians of all time, he was also a bonafide-style icon. Just look at John rocking that brown turtleneck sweater!

From his style picks and voluminous full bangs to his ethereal vocals and guitar skills, these are just a few of the elements that we remember him for. We can’t help but wonder how much his style would’ve evolved had he not left us so soon.

15. Paul McCartney

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 63

Year Photo Taken: 1965

Real men can rock bangs, and Sir Paul McCartney has been proving that point since 1965, the year that the musical comedy, “Help!”, took the world by storm.

Just like everything else in the Beatles’ high calibre repertoire, the mega-hit became an instant hit with fans all over the globe. If you love watching films about mad scientists, beautiful assassins, a set of detectives, and one of the biggest boybands the universe has ever known, you need to watch “Help!” this instant.

16. Ringo Starr

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 64

Year Photo Taken: 1964

We feel like we’ve actually been zapped back to the 1960s with this photo of Ringo Starr and co-Beatle, George Harrison. Everything about their ensembles just echoes nostalgia and it honestly makes us feel all warm on the inside. In case you were wondering about the costumes, the Beatles were gearing to reenact a scene from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on a TV show called Around the Beatles.

The ‘60s television special was a fun and quirky addition to the airwaves that we wouldn’t mind seeing air again today!

17. George Harrison

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 65

Year Photo Taken: 1973

May we say that we’re incredibly biased towards this groovy photograph? If only Instagram existed in the 60s, then we’re certain that George Harrison would’ve gotten at least 4 million likes for this photo.

This ethereal photo of the singer in an aquatic situation is part of the “George Harrison: Living in the Material World” documentary by Martin Scorcese in 2011. The movie includes footage and images from the Beatles singer’s bright and shining glory days.

The Beatles’ old school photos continue to prove that their iconic style is capable of withstanding the test of time. In fact, they just seem to become more iconic as the years go by.

19. John Travolta

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 66

Year Photo Taken: 1977

It doesn’t get any groovier than this. This photo of John Travolta inspired millions of young men to have slicked back hair in the 70s. We’re yet to see anyone who can pull it off better than he can.

The film Saturday Night Fever which was released back in 1977 also continues to be one of the most loved dance movies of all time. It’s safe to say that everyone on the planet has either seen or heard of this iconic disco movie.

20. Olivia Newton John

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 67

Year Photo Taken: 1978

There’s just no Danny without Sandy, and you just can’t think about musicals without thinking about Olivia Newton John looking like a retro queen in “Grease”. The 1978 film set the bar so high for all future musical films, producers think twice before they brave the musical scene.

What the public loved so much about this film wasn’t just the catchy songs or the unconventional storyline, the fact that Danny and Sandy just look so darn cute next to each other was probably the biggest factor. Just look at them (Awww).

21. Doris Day

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 68

Year Photo Taken: 1973

Doris Day is indisputably one of Hollywood’s most prolific actresses. But did you know that she was also a professional singer and animal welfare activist? She even solidified her love for animals by establishing the “Doris Day Animal Foundation”. Now, that’s a star with a heart!

In the photo above, Doris Day is all-smiles in a zestful yellow coat on the set of “The Doris Day Show”, which aired on the CBS network from 1968 to 1973. BTW, we would wear this sunny outfit any day of the week!

22. Frank Sinatra

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 69

Year Photo Taken: 1956

The world of music and cinema changed when Frank Sinatra entered the scene. As one of the most influential and widely loved artists of the 20th Century, this elite crooner has sold over 150 million records worldwide.
Being the prolific record-breaker that he is, the name, “Frank Sinatra”, has resounded and transcended many generations. Even little kids know his name.

In the enchanting image above, Frank Sinatra is in the midst of a scene with co-actor, Grace Kelly for the musical comedy, “High Society”.

23. Menudo

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 70

Year Photo Taken: 1977

Back in the late 70’s, Mundo, the Latino boyband charmed fans all over the world with their catchy songs when they debuted in 1977. To give you a clearer image of just how big they were, “Menudomania” was one of the successors of “Beatlemania” and the predecessor of “One Direction Infection”.

Menudo’s original lineup consisted of the Sallaberry brothers, the Melendez brothers, and the Diaz cousins. If you’re wondering where Ricky Martin is in this photo, you won’t find him, because the Latino pop sensation only joined the band starting in 1983.

24. James Dean

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 71

Year photo taken: 1955

James Dean ruled pop culture in the 1950s. He is best known for his blockbuster hit film in 1955, “Rebel Without A Cause”, for which he received countless awards. Starring alongside Natalie Wood, the legendary heartthrob radiated some serious retro knight-in-shining-armor vibes.

When we think of Hollywood cultural icons, Mr. James Dean tops the list. We all know about his perfect slicked-back hair and his iconic jacket. Even Taylor Swift can’t stop singing about him till this day.

25. Diane Keaton

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 72

Year Image Taken: 1972

This promotional treasure originates from the 1972 classic, The Godfather. Diane Keaton portrays the role of Kay Adams-Corleone and it fits her to a tee.

Aside from being a queen of cinema, she’s also the queen of suits, and we’re willing to fight anyone who disagrees. Every outfit she’s ever worn has been runway-worthy. We’re currently plotting about how to request to raid her closet. At 75, Diane still stays true to her style and never lets go of her trusty bowl hat. If we could rock a bow hat that well, we’d never let go of it either.

26. Goldie Hawn

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 73

Year Photo Taken: 1969

In this photo from the 1969 flick, “Cactus Flower”, we can observe one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and timeless actresses. Clearly showing off that GOLD is her color, she looks like a true sunny style vision. This retro movie was her first major role in a Hollywood movie and it catapulted her into fame.

All we can say is that this photo deserves to be included in the list of best hairstyles of all time. If this shot doesn’t inspire you to break out your scissors, we don’t know what will.

27. Meryl Streep

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 74

Year Photo Taken: 1978

Meryl Streep is a vision in navy blue as she walks alongside Robert De Niro in the 1978 movie, “The Deer Hunter”. With a matching smile and delicately waved golden locks, she’s a stunningly timeless muse. The film may play out during the chaotic era of the Vietnam war, but the warm smiles on their faces show us that “The Deer Hunter” consists of uplifting scenes too.

Meryl is often described as the best actress of her generation and we find it hard to disagree. Her award-winning acting is nearly unprecedented.

28. Julie Andrews

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 75

Year Photo Taken: 1965

We know the preeminent Julie Andrews by many names. Mary Poppins, the Queen of Genovia, and Baronin Maria von Trapp (pictured above). The legendary musical, “The Sound Of Music”, is still a fan favorite to this day, and honestly, this is a photo that belongs in a museum. Young Julie Andrews and young Christopher Plummer are musical gold!

29. Kurt Russell

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 76

Year Photo Taken: 1969

We present you with Kurt Russell in the 1969 comedy flick, “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes”. If you’re looking for a lighthearted storyline about a boy who turns into a computer, then this is the one for you.
There’s no doubt about it that Kurt Russell is a multi-talented actor who’s yet to receive an Academy Award nomination (Seriously, what is wrong with the Academy Awards?)

A few decades later, and his smile still looks exactly the same. Young Kurt Russell and young Goldie Hawn were both so adorable, it’s clear why they ended up together and have been happily married for 38 years! We wonder what their secret is?

30. Jackie Chan

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 77

Year Photo Taken: 1978

It’s hard to name someone who’s cooler than Jackie Chan. Famous for his acting prowess, unparalleled martial arts skills, directorial know-how, and charming singing voice, this king of Hollywood is prolific in every sense of the word.

In the photo above, Jackie Chan is Chi in the 1978 action film, “Drunken Master”. From “Drunken Master” to Master of cinematic awesomeness, Jackie Chan has become a pillar in the entertainment industry.

31. Mel Gibson

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 78

Year photo taken: 1979

Based on this image from the set of “Mad Max” in 1979, it is evident that Mel Gibson was born to rock leather biker outfits.

Taking place in a dystopian setting in the near future, “Mad Max” takes viewers on a journey with a highway patrolman who travels across wastelands in search of revenge. And everyone knows that revenge is a dish best served cold.

32. Sylvester Stallone

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 79

Year Photo Taken: 1976

This is proof that Sylvester Stallone has inspired countless fashion trends. He didn’t just start the bandana trend as Rambo in 1986, he also went down in history for this iconic moment in the Rocky Balboa movies since 1976.

This will always be one of the most powerful moments in extensive cinematic history.

33. Arnold Schwarzenegger

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 80

Year Photo Taken: 1970

Before he was the “Governator”, Arnold was the “Hercules in New York”, a demigod who grew bored of his life on Mount Olympus and decided to visit Earth. In the promo photo above, it isn’t difficult to guess why he snatched up this iconic role. His physique is simply herculean.

What you probably didn’t know is that Arnold was Mr. Universe before any of those other prestigious titles. In 1980, Arnold was crowned Mr. Universe. From the years 1970 to 1975 he claimed the Olympia title six years in a row.

34. Diana Ross

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 81

Year Image Taken: 1975

Diana Ross rose to fame as the lead singer of the Supremes. Her magnificent vocals propelled her to new heights when she took her talent to the silver screen. One of her most notable performances was when she portrayed the role of a fashion design student who made it big in Rome in the 1975 film, “Mahogany”.

Diana Ross, is to everybody, a legendary Motown queen and an iconic silver screen royal.

#35 Lucille Ball

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 82

Year Photo Taken: 1951

Lucille Ball is a household name that till this day, still puts a smile on people’s faces. Most famous for her title role on the 1951 sitcom, “I Love Lucy”, Lucille Ball was the original buttercup of sitcoms. Relentlessly going out of her way to get into show business despite the fact that she lacked skill was a quality that made Lucy… well, Lucy; and that’s why everyone will always love her.

As one of America’s greatest entertainment icons, she built an illustrious career in the world of comedy, modelling, and producing. Aside from the massively successful “I Love Lucy”, she also starred in “The Lucy Show”, “Here’s Lucy”, and “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”.

#36 Al Pacino

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 83

Year Photo Taken: 1972

What could Al Pacino possibly be thinking of in this image from “The Godfather”? Could he be thinking about how his career will span 50+ years?

Ever since 1972, the world hasn’t stopped recognizing the “Godfather” and Al Pacino’s epic portrayal of the role. To that effect, the crime drama franchise has captivated viewers in every corner of the world.
We wonder if his actual godchildren call him “Godfather” or if they call him something else to avoid confusion?

#37 Sigourney Weaver

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 84

Year Photo Taken: 1979

If anyone asks you who the pioneer of Hollywood sci-fi and action films is, your answer is: it’s Sigourney Weaver. In this photo, she’s geared up and ready to fight off the aliens, Sigourney Weaver kicks some serious extraterrestrial but in the horror/sci-fi, “Alien”.

Furthermore, her wavy bob cut is enough to make her space suit look like the grooviest space suit we’ve seen by far. Is this what they mean with the expression, “Far out?”

#38 ABBA

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 85

Year Photo Taken: 1977

If you’re going to sing about dancing queens, then you might as well dress the part. ABBA has been breaking gender norms in fashion ever since the 1970s. Who says guys can’t wear platform boots?

This photo was taken on the set of the 1977 film, ABBA: The Movie, the music heavyweights seem to be basking in the glory of a sweet midsummer picnic.

Aside from their hit “Dancing Queen”, ABBA has also blessed the music scene with songs like “Chiquitita” and “Mamma Mia”. We’re sure you have played these tracks on a speaker at some point, and we’re sure you danced along.

#39 Bee Gees

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 86

Year Photo Taken: 1975

Nothing screams groovy louder than the Bee Gees flaunting their silky locks, elegant button-down shirts, and retro scarves on the album cover for their 1975 track, Jive Talkin’. Nowadays, we only see this sort of styling in K-pop, but we’re pretty sure that Hollywood will change its mind and dip its feet in this trend pretty soon too.

The Beegees started conquering the music scene in 1858. The 3 members almost always dressed up in matching outfits, and honestly, we find it so adorable. We can clearly see how deep their love is for each other and for shiny fashion pieces.

#40 The Monkees

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 87

Year Photo Taken: 1968

We want to say thank you to these 4 incredibly talented guys for the songs “I’m A Believer” and “Daydream Believer” from the year, 1968. We’re proud to say that these songs are staples in our playlist. Did you know that these guys were friends with the Beatles too? We’ll always be heartbroken over the fact that the two bands never collaborated.

In this photo from the Daydream Believer music video, they look like they walked straight out of a Pinterest page. We need more groovy blasts of color in this world.

#41 The Beach Boys

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 88

Year Photo Taken: 1963

There’s no need to guess who this phenomenal quintet is, because their sunny looks and groovy stance all point to one name, and one name only: The Beach Boys.

Taken from their 1963 mega hit, “Surfin USA”, the Beach Boys lived up to their summery name with revitalizing tunes and an optimistic demeanor. For 20 years, they created stellar bops that modern music can’t even come close to.

#42 Lynda Carter

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 89

Year Photo Taken: 1976

We know what you’re thinking, but this is not a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Nope, she isn’t a Charlie’s Angel either. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman.

Before the gorgeous Gal Gadot stepped into the iconic boots and headband of the superhero, the role was filled by this beauty queen (hello, Miss World USA 1972!). Harnessing the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, and the beauty of Aphrodite, Wonder Woman (and Lynda Carter) is a crime-fighting force to be reckoned with.

#43 Sean Connery

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 90

Year Photo Taken: 1962

Make way for the original James Bond. With seven Bond films in his shimmering repertoire, Sean Connery is most likely a professional spy by now. Before his run as 007, there had to be a catalyst, and when you recount the cinematic steps, you’ll find yourself right at the start. And that start is called “Dr. No”.

Taking down a sinister scientist, James Bond travels to the gorgeous island of Jamaica to fulfill his mission. Sounds exciting? Then, you’d better add this enthralling film to your watchlist this weekend!

#44 Bette Davis

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 91

Year Photo Taken: 1950

If you want to talk about longevity in the entertainment industry, let’s talk about Bette Davis. Her acting career lasted 50 years and shined brightly in a sky full of stars.

In the image above, she is fiercely channelling her character in the 1950 drama film, “All About Eve.” Fun fact: in this classic, she stars alongside Marilyn Monroe!

#45 Betty White

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 92

Year Photo Taken: 1977

Betty White is one of the most loved actresses of any generation. As the First Lady of Television, this Golden Girl is literally unstoppable.

In the promotional shot above, she’s all smiles along with her co-stars on the set of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, romcom series that took the ‘70s by storm.

#46 Aerosmith

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 93

Year Image Taken: 1973

Aerosmith’s self-titled album was released in 1973 and features one of their greatest hits, Dream On. The album art is the embodiment of the iconic image the band built for themselves.

In the 70s, everybody had long hair and wore bootcut jeans. 50 years later, Aerosmith is literally still taking over the world with their rock music. The band has tour stops all over the world in 2021. If it weren’t for COVID-19, we’d be in the front row to make sure that we don’t miss a thing.

Nowadays, only 3 out of 5 of the band have maintained their curly locks. There’s nothing cooler than a grandpa who still knows how to rock and roll. Get it, Aerosmith!

#47 George Reeves

 George Reeves
George Reeves as Superman in 1952

Year Photo Taken: 1952

When you think of Superman, who is the first person that comes to mind? Is it Dean Cain? Is it Henry Cavill? Well, for us it’s George Reeves, the original cape-wearing hero who took to the skies and fought off the villains back in the early 50s.

#48 Judy Garland

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 94

Year Photo Taken: 1954

The struggles and triumphs in climbing the ladder to stardom take the spotlight in the 1954 movie, “A Star Is Born”. With Judy Garland as the leading lady, it’s a movie that will reel you in until you are fully captivated.

Side note: If you ever feel lost, just remember Judy Garland’s (or Dorothy’s) magical words: “There’s no place like home.”

#49 Charlie Chaplin

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 95

Year Photo Taken: 1952

Charlie Chaplin was likely born camera-ready. Propelling to intergalactic stardom in the age of silent film, he proved that you do not need words to make people smile or to send them spiralling into fits of laughter. This image depicts the comedian, filmmaker, and composer in front of a mirror during the taping of “Limelight”. Revolving around the efforts of a music hall comedian who attempts to help a downhearted ballerina learn to walk and regain a zest for life again, “Limelight” is the perfect film to watch when you need a little nudge of encouragement yourself.

The legendary Charlie Chaplin has proven time and again that actions indeed speak louder than words.

#50 Oprah Winfrey

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 96

Year Photo Taken: 1975

Only Oprah Winfrey can carry chunky earrings, big hair, and an oversized button-down with this much poise and elegance. Poised to sit down with the hosts of Saturday Night Live in 1975, the talk show queen is all smiles and looks lovely as ever.

A few years (and haircuts) later, she went on the take over the world with her charismatic hosting skills and built one of the most successful empires the world has ever seen. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Oprah Effect.

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