22 Disney Princesses and Characters Re-imagined as Paper Art 1

22 Disney Princesses and Characters Re-imagined as Paper Art

We’ll never get tired of seeing Disney characters reimagined by artists. From modern-day renditions of Disney princesses to this beautiful art created by Ryan Riller, we can’t get enough. Riller describes himself as a “former Disney Store Ambassador,” and his art transforms his favorite characters from the silver screen into a beautiful paper portrait.

You can actually purchase your own piece of Disney magic from Ryan’s Etsy store, but first check out some of his most beautiful and popular pieces here.

#1 Cinderella

The music and attention to detail from her expression to the way she holds her hands makes this Cinderella-inspired paper art a piece we want to snag before midnight.

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#2 Ariel

It’s almost like she walked straight out of the movie and onto the page, and of course, the piece wouldn’t be complete without the ever-present Flounder.

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#3 The Little Mermaid

If Ariel standing on her own two feet isn’t quite your style, maybe the mermaid version is! We love that the relationship between Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian are on display in full-force here. Unfortunately, the paper art is sold out for this one.

#4 Snow White

Beautiful and bleak, Snow White is charming more than woodland creatures here. Look at that detail in her dress and cape!

#5 Anna

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Every detail of Anna playing with her Elsa doll is enough to thaw out your frozen heart.

#6 Princess Leia

Galactic princesses look great as paper art too! The artist really captured Leia’s sass in this piece, I wouldn’t want to mess with her.

#7 Tinkerbell

Here’s something truly awesome to put in that empty lantern on your mantle. Just add some fairy lights for a truly magical decoration.

#8 Cinderella

Cinderella again, but this time in her trademark BLUE. Her gown is gorgeous, but the pattern detail behind the music puts it over the top.

#9 Elena of Avalor

As one of the newer Disney princesses, you might not know Elena of Avalor if you don’t tune into Disney Junior, BUT she’s a beautiful force of nature and the flower detail here is to die for.

#10 Lilo

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The beautiful Hawaiian foliage and Lilo’s flowing hair have transported us to another place. She looks a little bit tortured here, don’t you think?

#11 Cinderella’s Mice

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If you ever wished you had tiny rodent helpers in your house, this is almost as good as the real thing! The textured appearance on the mice’s aprons is outstanding.

#12 Elsa

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Beware the frozen heart ❄️?

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The ice queen herself gets up close and personal with this multi-dimensional work of art. The deep purple and icy blue create a stunning contrast.

#13 Aurora

Also known as Sleeping Beauty, this beautiful princess is depicted here as a rose among thorns, but we’re left wondering if she decided to prick her finger once again.

#14 Belle

Even these unfinished Belle pieces are enough to tame a Beast, imagine how stunning they’ll be placed in a library or a bewitched castle.

#15 Pocahontas

All the colors of the wind are on display here. Pocahontas’ hair is the star of the show while Meeko appears to be confused by it all.

#16 Ray and Evangeline

She might just look like a star to you or me, but Evangeline is Ray’s whole world. We think that really comes across in this piece complete with golden leaves and dimensional flowers.

#17 Briar Rose

AKA Sleeping Beauty, AKA Aurora – girlfriend goes by a lot of names, but anyone who can make a group of woodland creatures do an elegant dance is a winner in our book. Kudos to the artist for capturing the motion in this piece.

#18 Moana

It’s been said that the only way to get a Moana song out of your head is with another Moana song. So, drink in the gorgeous detail of Moana and her pig friend Pua in this work or paper art…”You’re Welcome.”

#19 Merida

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From the fiery red hair to the deep green gown to the incredible bow and arrow, are you brave enough to stand up to Merida and her cubs?

#20 Up

Relive the adventure with the little old man who’s story at the beginning of the movie brought us all to tears. The yellow shingles on the side of the house are one of our favorite details here.

#21 Edna from the Incredibles

If you can vividly hear Edna saying “no capes!” to Mr. Incredible, then this piece of paper art might be for you. The expression on her face says it all.

#22 Gus and Jaq

Two separate works of art, but an inseparable duo. True to form, Gus is a little unsure and Jaq clearly knows what he’s doing.

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