Disney Princesses as outrageous punks, goths and hipsters

Your favorite Disney Princesses have tattooed themselves all over

When you think of Disney Princesses, you probably associate them with elegance and charm. But there’s a side to our favorite fairy tale princesses that we’d likely never see – it’s an edgier punk/goth/hipster side that several artists have reimagined for us. The artists featured here include Italian artist Emmanuel Viola and American artist Joel Santana.

#1 Hipster Ariel

Artist: Emmanuel Viola

Artist Emmanuel Viola has reimagined Ariel as a modern-day hipster. Her tattoos feature Flounder, Sebastian and what looks like to be some of Ursula’s tentacles.

#2 Hipster Jasmine

Artist: Emmanuel Viola

Our favorite Middle Eastern princess looks fab as a hipster. Check out her very bold Rajah and Genie tattoos.

#3 Princess Leia

Artist: Emmanuel Viola

Princess Leia looks pretty bad-ass, but we’d expect nothing less. Of course, her tattoo features the symbol for the Rebel Alliance.

#4 Glam Cinderella

Artist: Emmanuel Viola

Not surprisingly, the hipster version of Cinderella is pretty glam. Notice how the tattoos of her birds and Gus look like they are a bit taken aback?

#5 Gothic Belle

Artist: Emmanuel Viola

Gothic Belle looks way to chic to be a bookworm, but looks can be deceiving.

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