You can now post Live Photos on Twitter

They’ll be converted into playable GIFs

You can now post Live Photos on Twitter 1

Twitter is finally letting iOS users upload their Live Photos by turning them into GIFs. Announced in a tweet, hey specifically announced support for iOS Live Photos. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any indication of support for Pixel motion photos just yet.

The Live Photos feature was first introduced way back in 2015 on the iPhone 6S. Live photos capture a few extra seconds of both picture and audio after you press the shutter button. This adds sound and movement to the photo which can be previewed by a hard press when accessed inside the gallery.

That said, the actual Live Photos format itself isn’t yet supported. Twitter, instead, will convert them into playable GIFs. Should you not want the photo transferred into a GIF, there will be an option to upload the Live Photo as a static JPEG, all of which can be done natively in the Twitter app.

The added support for this feature, while certainly useful, is quite a late move on Twitter’s part. In the same year that the Live Photo feature was released, both Tumblr and Facebook were able to add support for it and they began to allow users to upload their Live Photo captures. In 2016, Google’s iOS app offered a different solution by turning these Live Photos into GIFs, and by 2017 Apple found a way to embed Live Photos on any website.

The support for Live Photos is coupled with a number of other changes Twitter has made to help better handle their images. For one, uploaded images will no longer be transcoded and will instead have its JPEG encoding persevered. Transcoded images more often than not resulted in lower quality photos but with JPEG encoding preservation, users will be able to upload and maintain the quality of their images even if it’s a high-resolution photo.

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