Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi keeps the internet active during outages

The Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi provides users with a stable WiFi connection during storms and outages

Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi

The Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi is a solution aimed at providing Comcast customers with backup connectivity during power outages resulting from storms, fallen trees affecting power lines, or localized power failures.

According to representatives at the company, the decision to launch the Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi stemmed from data indicating a rise in hurricane intensity over the last four decades. They see this as indicative of “a greater need for a backup connectivity solution”.

If you have experienced storm-prone areas like us, you know the value of having uninterrupted internet connection during such events cannot be overstated.

A dependable internet connection determines how quickly one can communicate with emergency services, family members, and friends, to provide safety updates. Moreover, access to real-time news, weather forecasts, and evacuation orders are critical during storms or outages as they contribute to personal safety.

Furthermore, WiFi access enables remote work and study during prolonged storms, while also serving as a source of entertainment – something particularly significant for families with young children seeking distractions.

Like any consumer investing in a backup WiFi device, the first thing we did was check the battery capacity. Comcast claims the Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi has a 4-hour backup battery, which they believe is sufficient to help customers weather most storms.

The conclusion is based on 2020 data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration which indicated that “When major events are excluded, the average duration of interruptions customers experienced annually from 2013 to 2020 was consistently around two hours.”

During storms or power outages, the Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi will automatically switch to free unlimited cellular data. However, there’s a catch – the data speeds will also switch to those offered on the available 4G LTE cellular service in your area. In simple terms, it’s important to not expect the same data speeds as those provided by the regular WiFi 6 connection.

Beyond storm-related benefits, the Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi also enhances the user’s WiFi connection by extending its reach, offering added value even when there are no storms by effectively strengthening the WiFi coverage across the home on the Xfinity network.

Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi availability

The device is currently available on Customers can opt for a monthly payment of $7 for 36 months, or make a one-time purchase for $252.

Comcast has made it clear that no activation fees will be charged, as the device seamlessly integrates with the customer’s Xfinity Gateway and WiFi network. However, eligibility for the service requires an Xfinity Internet plan with speeds of 800Mbps or higher.

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