Comcast to launch Apple TV+, Netflix, and Peacock streaming bundle

Everything we know about Comcast StreamSaver streaming bundle

Comcast StreamSaver

Comcast is about to throw a major curveball into the streaming wars. The internet and media giant announced plans for a new bundle service called StreamSaver, bringing together the popular offerings of Apple TV+, Netflix, and Peacock. This all-in-one package promises a “vastly reduced price” compared to individual subscriptions, potentially changing the way you access your favorite shows and movies. Below is everything we know about the Comcast StreamSaver streaming bundle so far.

What is Comcast StreamSaver?

Officially announced on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at MoffettNathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet, and Communications Conference in New York, Comcast StreamSaver is an upcoming streaming bundle service designed to simplify your binge-watching experience by combining Apple TV+, Netflix, and Peacock into a single package.

How much is Comcast StreamSaver?

The exact price of Comcast StreamSaver hasn’t been announced yet. But Comcast chief Brian Roberts said at the MoffettNathanson event that the streaming bundle service will “come at a vastly reduced price to anything in the market today.” He also pointed out that this discounted price is an “everyday pricing, not an introductory pricing.”

Roberts went on to explain, “We’ve been bundling video successfully and creatively for 60 years, and so this is the latest iteration of that. I think this will be a pretty compelling package.”

We can make some educated guesses about StreamSaver pricing based on the individual service costs of the streaming service:

  • Apple TV costs $9.99 per month.
  • Netflix ranges from $6.99 to $22.99 per month depending on the plan.
  • Peacock has a free tier with ads and paid tiers at $5.99 and $11.99 per month.

So, if were were to subscribe to the most basic plans of each service individually, it would cost us around $22.97 per month. StreamSaver is expected to be significantly cheaper than that.

However, there’s a catch! StreamSaver will only be available for existing Comcast customers who already have internet, mobile, or TV subscriptions with the service provider.

When will Comcast StreamSaver be available?

Comcast StreamSaver is expected to launch later this month, May 2024.  The exact date hasn’t been officially announced yet, but news sources point to it being available sometime before the end of May.

Are there other upcoming streaming bundles launching soon?

Yes. Earlier this month, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announced a three-way bundle comprising Max, Disney+, and Hulu, to be available starting this summer in the United States. Pricing for the said streaming package is yet to be announced.

Furthermore, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Fox Corp. have formed a joint venture to introduce a streaming sports bundle that includes ESPN+ and linear TV networks from each brand. This one is scheduled to debut sometime this fall.

Why are streaming services bundling up?

Streaming services are bundling up for a few key reasons:

For Users

Cost Savings: Bundles typically offer a discounted price compared to subscribing to each service individually. This is attractive to users experiencing “subscription fatigue” and looking to save money.

Convenience: Bundles simplify your streaming experience by putting multiple services under one roof. No more juggling multiple logins and subscriptions.

Content Variety: Bundles can combine services with different content strengths, offering a wider variety of shows, movies, and genres for users to explore.

For Streaming Services

Subscriber Growth: The streaming market is becoming saturated, making it harder for individual services to attract new subscribers. Bundles can entice new users who might not have subscribed to any of the services individually.

Customer Retention: Bundles can discourage users from canceling subscriptions by offering a more attractive overall package.

Data Advantage: By having access to user data across multiple services within a bundle, streaming companies can gain valuable insights into viewing habits and preferences. This allows them to better personalize content recommendations and target advertising.

Overall, bundling is a way for streaming services to compete in a crowded market by offering greater value and convenience to users, while also boosting their subscriber base and data collection capabilities.

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