Xfinity Home now supports Leviton connected devices

You can even use the X1 Voice Control to command lights

Initially only offering smart home security solutions, Comcast’s Xfinity Home is a home security solution that has expanded to support a number of third party devices to complete the smart home ecosystem. And now, the company is introducing its latest partner, Leviton.

Connected devices from Leviton will be able to seamlessly integrate into the Xfinity Home ecosystem without the need for new apps or accounts. All controlled by the Xfinity Home app, Devices from Leviton that can be integrated include Decora Zigbee light switches, dimmers, and plug-in modules. X1 customers will have the added privilege of using their X1 Voice Control remote to control their home’s lighting, thermostats, and even cameras.

The pairing process was intentionally made to be simple so that Xfinity’s customers won’t be bothered or intimidated by smart home technology. The Xfinity Home package is also installed by professionals to make adopting a smart home feel more accessible.

Comcast says they’re continually adding new partners and devices into their “Works with Xfinity” ecosystem. Some of the brands that are already supported by Xfinity Home include Caseta by Lutron, Chamberlain garage door opener, GE lighting, Tile locators, and much more.