Lutron will launch a new motion control sensor in February

They’ll also have a new repeater that can extend the range of their smart home products

Lutron will launch a new motion control sensor in February 1

Lutron today has announced two new additions to its Caséta family of products. Called the Caséta Smart Motion Sensor and the Caséta Repeater, these automated control systems are designed to make smart homes even smarter.

The Caséta Smart Motion Sensor is an easy-to-install motion sensor that automatically illuminates a room when motion is detected. These ultra-precise sensors are engineered to catch the slightest motion, meaning it knows to shut off lights when you leave the room too. Whether it’s your bathroom, laundry room, garage, or basement, Caséta Smart Motion Sensor is perfect for situations where you might want hands-free control.

In addition to lighting, you can set up the sensor to trigger other Lutron smart devices such as fan controllers, dimmers, smart shades, or anything else within its range of 60 feet. But if you have a larger house — or one with an atypical layout — Lutron also has the Caséta Repeater. According to the company, the repeater extends the range of products like the Smart Motion Sensor by an additional 60 feet, making it ideal for multi-room control and other applications.

Lutron plans to launch both the Caséta Repeater ($75) and Caséta Smart Motion Sensor ($50) in February. Retailers including Amazon, Home Depot and Lowe’s will carry both products.

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