Latest Aladdin trailer unveils Will Smith as the Genie

Disney gifts fans a peek at Will Smith’s Genie

First-look pics from Disney’s Aladdin feature Genie and Princess Jasmine

Disney just released a new trailer for its live-adaption of Aladdin – and it. is. everything! During the 2 minute bonanza, we get our first glimpse at Will Smith’s new-look Genie.

Although the character only says a handful of words, we are left longing for more. The Guy Ritchie flick is set for a May 24th debut, so Disney will likely drop another trailer or two to feed our obsession in the coming months.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Smith told reporters that fans can expect the new Genie to be more hip hop inspired than the previous character, an obvious nod to Smith’s past a recording artist.

Though Smith says Genie’s hip hop allusions won’t be over the top, the references will definitely be a bit spicier than Disney movies of yesteryear.

In addition to Will Smith, the upcoming film will also feature Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine.

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