Incredible Disney-inspired eye and lip makeup

Theses face have been transformed into Disney masterpieces

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There’s a whole new world of makeup art out there that is about to surprise you. These artists have translated their love for Disney into makeup art that is so good, these faces look like something right out of the fairytale books. So go ahead and scroll through, and you’ll discover everything from the Magic Carpet to Buzz Lightyear elaborately painted onto people’s faces.

#1 Flying carpet magic

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

What’s the first step in looking like middle eastern royalty? It’s to take cues from the Magic Carpet. We have never seen makeup look so “fly”.

#2 Ursula’s curse

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

Bet you didn’t think that Ursula crawling out of someone’s eyes and lips would look this artistic. To balance out the tentacle look, just add a bit of bling. Because pearls are a villain’s best friend.

#3 Dalmatian dots.

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

We only want to see dots on your eyelids if they pay homage to the beloved Dalmatians movies. Yes, you can finally utilize that red eyeliner in your make up stash that you’ve been shy to use. It’ll be pawsome.

#4 Maleficently green

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

The green light you’ve been waiting for to show your love for Maleficent is here. Glow green or go home. Angelina Jolie would be proud.

#5 Make UP

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

Wingtips are a thing of the past. Sporting a balloon cluster is what will make your eyeshadow look way “Up” above the rest.

#6 Beautiful Buzz

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

Glitz, glamour, and Buzz Lightyear is the new combination you never knew you needed. It’s the type of eye makeup we’ll be wearing to infinity and beyond.

#7 Woody’s wild west

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

We’ve had our hearts broken (and our mascara smudged) multiple times courtesy of the Toy Story movies. Good thing there’s now eyeshadow art inspired by Sheriff Woody to fill that void.

#8 Genie, I wish for this makeup!

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

Genie-inspired makeup is officially our every cosmetic wish come true. With its majestic mixture of cerulean and gold, we just can’t wait to try it out ourselves. BRB, we’re off to find genie so we can wish for him to help us create this look.

#9 Trick or treat from Jack Skellington

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

There’s no need to wait ’till Halloween to copy this work of art. It’s the perfect balance of creepy and classy. Disclaimer: The nose ring is optional.

#10 See the line where the sky meets the sea?

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

See the lip line where the sky meets the sea? It’s flawless. Orange is the go-to color if you’re a curious warrior just like Moana. Don’t forget the heart of Te-Fiti to top it all off!

#11 Maui’s mystic maquillage

Source: Instagram @lallymakeup

Face tattoos have become a hot trend this year among celebrities. If you want to dip your toes in that trend, try a faux lip tattoo inspired by Maui himself. It’s Polynesian art at its finest.

#12 White Witch Warpaint

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

Worried about the approaching summer heat? Fret not. Just one look at this Narnia inspired eye makeup and it instantly feels like an eternal winter. Because nothing and no one is colder than the White Witch of Narnia. Now if only she’d help us battle climate change.

#13 Aim like Merida

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

She’s independent, she’s brave, she’s Merida. And an empowered female calls for a makeup look that’s just as on point as Merida’s archery aim.

#14 Dazzling Dumbo

Source: Instagram @sailormakup_

Wondering how to make a sad Dumbo happy? Wear his colors on your eyelids as you fight for animal rights, of course!

#15 Wanna see us do a trick?

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

This brave little teacup is about to make a cameo in your make up routine. Go all out on the purple shades and don’t forget the chip.

#16 Faith, trust, and pixie dust

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

If you’ve always wanted to bring out your inner fairy, we’ll let you in on a little secret -all it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust. Oh and a LOT of green eyeshadow.

#17 Herculean beauty

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

What would Hercules be without Pegasus? What’s makeup without a show-stopping wingtip? It’s time to put a greek-god twist on the classic wing. Because once you’ve flown the pegasus way, there’s no turning back.

#18 We found Nemo!

Source: Instagram @makeupbymaha_

If you’re looking for Nemo, we found him. Who knew our favorite clownfish could inspire an haute-couture look?

#19 Warning: Makeup lasts until 12 midnight

Source: Instagram @_makeup_ritz_

When your fairy-godmother pops up, tell her you want this type of eye make-up. At the stroke of midnight, she can take away the dress and the shoes. Just please don’t take away this eyeshadow.

#20 The King of the jungle

Source: Instagram @sailormakeup_

Tarzan’s not just the King of the Jungle, now he’s also the gem of the jungle. This eye makeup embodies everything Tarzan, from jungle greens to tendrilled vines. We can already imagine him swinging from them.