Why did Franz Drameh leave Legends of Tomorrow?

The actor left Legends of Tomorrow one episode after his co-star Victor Garber exited the series

Why did Franz Drameh leave Legends of Tomorrow? 16

Most of the original main cast members of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have already left the series, and while a few of those actors departed from the show of their own accord, Franz Drameh is one of the former series regulars whose exit seemed to stem from a creative decision.

Drameh made his debut appearance as Jefferson “Jax” Jackson in October 2015 in season 2, episode 4 of The Flash. Introduced as a former high school athlete who became an auto-mechanic following an injury that ruined his professional career prospects, Jax agreed to replace the late Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) as one-half of Firestorm to save the life of Martin Stein (Victor Garber), the other half of the pyrokinetic superhero.

Three months after, in January 2016, Drameh and Stein moved to Legends of Tomorrow as two of the show’s original main cast members. Fast forward to December 2017, Drameh left the time-travel series after season 3, episode 9, in which his character decided to return to 2017 Central City so he could move on from the death of Stein, who was killed by Earth-X Nazis in the previous episode.

Though Jax also served as the Waverider’s primary mechanic, the fact that he could no longer transform into Firestorm following Stein’s death made him a less interesting character, so the people behind the show decided to wrap up his character’s storyline along with that of Stein’s. While it’s pretty apparent that it’s not Drameh’s personal choice to leave the series, the actor seemed fine with the creative decision to end his character’s journey on the show.

In a since-deleted tweet following the airing of Legends of Tomorrow season 3, episode 9, the then 24-year-old actor wrote: “I’m ready to switch it up on em. It’s almost chapter 25. The best is yet to come.”

“It’s been soo much fun portraying jax and firestorm!!” the actor added in an already deleted follow-up post. “Hope you’ve enjoyed watching as much as I’ve enjoyed playing.”

Four months later, Drameh made a special appearance in the show’s season 3 finale, where it was revealed that Jax had gotten married and conceived a daughter that he named Martina in honor of his fallen partner.

Since his Arrowverse stint ended, Drameh has starred in Guy Ritchie’s 2019 action-comedy film The Gentleman, British crime drama movie Twist, and Apple TV+ series See.

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