Where to watch This is Going to Hurt

Find out where you can stream the popular medical drama

Where to watch This is Going to Hurt
Get ready to dive into the gripping world of This is Going to Hurt

This is Going to Hurt is a compelling series based on the best-selling memoir by Adam Kay, who also serves as the show’s creator. Starring Ben Whishaw as Adam and Ambika Mod as Shruti Acharya, the TV show takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as they witness the highs and lows of life as junior doctors in the OBGYN ward.

To that effect, if you’re in the mood for a medical drama that has its fair share of comedy, here’s where to watch This is Going to Hurt. Prepare to be entertained, moved, and enlightened by the extraordinary experiences depicted in This is Going to Hurt.

What is This is Going to Hurt show like?

This is Going to Hurt is a British medical comedy-drama television miniseries based on Adam Kay’s memoir. Set in London in 2006, it follows a group of junior doctors working on a busy obstetrics and gynecology ward in an NHS hospital.

The series explores the professional and personal lives of these doctors, shedding light on the gut-wrenching lows of their work in a high-pressure environment.

The characters in focus are Adam Kay, portrayed by Ben Whishaw, and Shruti Acharya, played by Ambika Mod. The show takes a humorous and dramatic approach to presenting their stories. It delves into the challenges they face while navigating the hospital hierarchy and showcases the impact of their experiences on their lives.

This is Going to Hurt cast

This Is Going to Hurt Cast
Ben Whishaw as Adam Kay and Ambika Mod as Shruti Acharya in a still from This is Going to Hurt (2022).
  • Ben Whishaw, as Adam Kay. He is a dedicated junior doctor working on the obstetrics and gynecology ward. He faces the daily challenges of the healthcare system while also dealing with personal struggles.
  • Ambika Mod, as Shruti Acharya. She is a junior doctor and Senior House Officer on the ward; she is new to the job and grapples with the realities and demands it brings.
  • Alex Jennings as Mr. Nigel Lockhart. He is the Chief Consultant in Obs and Gynae. He presents obstacles for Adam but also takes a keen interest in his success.
  • Harriet Walter as Veronique. She is Adam’s mother, who has a complex relationship with her son, adding emotional depth to his story.
  • Michele Austin as Tracy. She is a confident, sharp-witted senior midwife who works alongside Adam, reminding him of her industry experience.
  • Kadiff Kirwan as Julian. He is an ambitious registrar who harbors a rivalry with Adam, adding tension and competition to the narrative.
  • Hannah Onslow, as Erika Van Hegen. She is a pregnant woman who seeks medical advice from Adam, intertwining her story with his experiences in the hospital.
  • Rory Fleck Byrne as Harry. He is Adam’s boyfriend and a graphic designer who struggles to transition from a party-boy lifestyle to a more mature person.
  • Ashley McGuire, as Miss Houghton. She is a consultant obstetrician, who serves as a no-nonsense mentor to Shruti, straightforwardly offering guidance and support.
  • Tom Durant-Pritchard, as Greg. He is Adam’s best friend from school and university who faces the challenge of Adam’s busy schedule and frequently cancels plans due to work demands. Together, these characters contribute to the rich and dynamic world of This Is Going to Hurt.

How many episodes does This is Going to Hurt have?

Where to watch This Is Going to Hurt
Ben Wishaw as Adam Kay in a still from This Is Going to Hurt

This is Going to Hurt is a gripping series that keeps you hooked from the first episode. The show’s first season comprises seven episodes, each offering a compelling narrative that delves deeper into the life of Adam, a dedicated doctor working in the maternity ward. Let’s take a closer look at each episode:

Episode 1

Adam faces the challenges of juggling his personal life while dealing with the demands of his job. Amidst the chaos of the maternity ward, he makes a significant mistake that sets the tone for the series.

Episode 2

Still haunted by his previous mistake, Adam becomes increasingly challenging to handle. As he clashes with a colleague over a patient, he also attempts to make amends in his personal life.

Episode 3

Adam and Shruti, his colleague, face the challenges of helping vulnerable patients. To add to their troubles, a visiting politician complicates matters even further.

Episode 4

Adam’s past mistake resurfaces, and he desperately tries to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Shruti finds excitement in the form of a promising new mentor.

Episode 5

It’s the day of Adam’s engagement party. Still, the weight of his work stress becomes increasingly overwhelming, threatening to dampen the celebration.

Episode 6

Heartbroken and disillusioned, he discovers that the glamorous facade of the private healthcare system is not all it appears to be.

Episode 7

In this emotionally charged episode, a grieving Adam faces a tribunal regarding his past malpractice. Uncertain about his future in medicine, he questions whether he can continue.

Where to watch This is Going to Hurt Season 1?

When it comes to watching the compelling medical drama This Is Going to Hurt, you’ll be pleased to know that multiple online platforms offer access to this hit show.

The best place to stream the medical drama is Amazon Prime Video if you’ve subscribed to the OTT video-on-demand platform (30-day free trial and $8.99 per month after that).

Alternatively, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video with a Sundance Now (7-day free trial and $6.99/month after that) or AMC+ ( $8.99 per month plus tax) subscription.

Amazon also has a DVD of This is Going to Hurt, which you can purchase for $15.25. Besides this, you can also watch the entire season of This is Going to Hurt on the Roku Channel, but it requires a Sundance Now subscription.

Is This is Going to Hurt on Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch the entire season 1 of This is Going to Hurt on AppleTV.

Is This is Going to Hurt on Netflix?

Unfortunately, This is Going to Hurt is not available for streaming on Netflix.

Is This is Going To Hurt worth watching?

This Is Going to Hurt received critical acclaim for its portrayal of the medical profession and the emotional complexities of working in a hospital. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported a 95% approval rating, praising Ben Whishaw’s dynamic performance as an exhausted doctor and describing the series as an intelligent drama filled with humor and pain.

Audience response varied, with some viewers considering the series an accurate depiction of life on a maternity ward, while others criticized it as misogynistic. However, healthcare professionals, such as the Director of nursing midwifery at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Juliet Pearce, praised the show for its hilarious and heartbreaking portrayal of the human emotions behind the healthcare profession.

Despite some controversy, the series garnered significant viewership, with the first episode alone being watched 4,753,000 times on iPlayer, making it one of the most viewed programs on the platform in 2022.

The series also received several award nominations and wins. Ben Whishaw won Outstanding Performance in a New Series at the Gotham Awards, while Ambika Mod won the Supporting Actor – Female category at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards. Whishaw also won Best Actor at the British Academy Television Awards for the show.

Overall, This Is Going to Hurt is worth watching for its compelling storytelling, strong performances, and ability to navigate the delicate balance between humor and the harsh realities of the medical profession.

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