Twins Movie: Is the 1988 film still getting a sequel?

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the fate of the Twins sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins

Since its release in 1988, the movie Twins has remained a classic comedy that has charmed audiences with its unique premise, uproarious humor, and endearing characters. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as unlikely twin brothers, the film defied expectations and garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

In 2012, the announcement of a sequel to the beloved movie sent waves of excitement and anticipation to fans, as the prospect of reuniting Schwarzenegger and DeVito on the big screen promises to ignite a new era of laughter and entertainment. But is the Twins sequel still happening? Read on to learn more about the movie and discover if a second installment is still in the works.

What is the Twins movie about?

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins
Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins

Twins is about two brothers, Julius and Vincent Benedict, who were created in a laboratory as part of an ambitious genetic experiment. However, the experiment takes a wrong turn when the two brothers are born and then separated, one growing up to be a giant with a big heart (Julius, played by Schwarzenegger) and the other growing up to be a pint-sized hustler (Vincent, played by DeVito).

The movie follows the unlikely siblings as they meet for the first time and set out on a cross-country misadventure to find their mother. Along the way, they get into all sorts of hilarious situations, including getting chased by the police, confronting a group of Klansmen, and chopping a Cadillac in half.

Twins cast

In addition to Schwarzenegger and DeVito, Twins also starred:

  • Kelly Preston as Marnie Mason: Marnie is a waitress who meets Julius and Vincent when they come to her town. She is kind and compassionate, and she helps the brothers to find their mother.
  • Chloe Webb as Linda Mason: Linda is Marnie’s sister. She is a bit of a party girl, but she is also loyal and supportive. She helps Marnie to take care of Julius and Vincent.
  • Bonnie Bartlett as Mary Ann Benedict: Boniie is Julius and Vincent’s biological mother.
  • Tony Jay as Professor Werner: Tony is one of the scientists from the experiment that created Julius and Vincent.

The following actors also appeared in the movie: David Caruso, Trey Wilson, Marshall Bell, Hugh O’Brian, Nehemiah Persoff, Maury Chaykin, Tom McCleister, David Efron, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Gus Rethwisch, Richard Portnow, Robert Harper, and Jason Reitman.

Who directed Twins?

Twins was directed by Ivan Reitman from a script written by William Davies, Timothy Harris, William Osborne, and Herschel Weingrod. Reitman is known for directing many successful comedies, including Ghostbusters, Stripes, and Kindergarten Cop.

Twins trailer

Watch the trailer for Twins below:

Twins Official Trailer #1 - Danny DeVito Movie (1988) HD

Rotten or Hilarious: Is Twins worth watching?

Twins is definitely worth watching. It is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy that is full of quotable lines and memorable scenes. It showcases the talents of its lead actors, Schwarzenegger and DeVito, who brought a perfect balance of humor and depth to their roles.

Critics’ opinions on Twins have been somewhat mixed. While the film has its share of fans who appreciate its unique premise, comedic performances, and the chemistry between Schwarzenegger and DeVito, some critics felt that the film’s plot was somewhat formulaic and predictable. Other reviewers also noted that certain comedic elements didn’t resonate as strongly as intended. Despite these criticisms, Twins has maintained a certain cult status and continues to be celebrated for its entertainment value, proving that while it may not have been universally acclaimed, it certainly has found a place in the hearts of many viewers.

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins
Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins

Is the Twins sequel still happening?

In March 2012, Universal Pictures announced that a Twins sequel titled Triplets was in development. Both Schwarzenegger and DeVito were due to return with Eddie Murphy joining them as their long-lost triplet brother. Reitman, who produced the first movie, was also set to co-produce the sequel.

In April 2015, it was revealed that plans for the sequel were put on hold. Fast-forward to March 2018, Schwarzenegger shared for the first time that the script for Triplets was finished. In September 2021, it was revealed that the principal photography for the sequel will start in January 2022 in Boston, with Reitman returning as director and Tracy Morgan replacing Eddie Murphy as the twins’ long-lost triplet brother.

Unfortunately, Reitman passed away in February 2022, leaving the status of the film unclear for quite some time. In May 2023, Schwarzenegger confirmed that a sequel would not be made, as Reitman’s son, Jason Reitman, put the idea to an end following his father’s death.

Where to watch Twins?

Twins is currently not available on any streaming services in the United States. But you can watch the movie by renting or buying a digital copy of the film on Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft, Redbox, and DirecTV.

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