Here are 5 of the best trailers released at San Diego Comic-Con

Trailers for Aquaman, Star Trek Discovery and more

Here are 5 of the best trailers released at San Diego Comic-Con 1

Are you suffering from CCJ disorder? For those of you who are uninformed, this fictional syndrome is also known as Comic-Con Jealousy disorder and comes on as a result of being completely envious of all the lucky people who made their way to San Diego for Comic-Con.

If this is an issue you have, then I’d recommend (full disclosure – I’m not a medical professional, but I did dress as Dr. Strange for Halloween once) a view at the best trailers to come out of the event.

There are always a few brilliant surprises at SDCC and it has become a tradition for some of the most exciting shows and movies to share a first look at their upcoming projects with those in attendance.

Thoughts of not getting to see these trailers will only make your CCJ disorder worse, so without further ado – here is your initial treatment.

#1 Star Trek: Discovery season 2

Want to see what the Discovery crew are dealing with in their second season? Comic-Con attendees got a first look and now you can check it out too.

#2 Aquaman

Another DC superhero movie, but this one seems a lot more interesting than any of the other ones that are currently in development. That could be because of the kick-ass Jason Momoa, who plays the title character.

#3 Doctor Who

The new doctor looks like she was born to play to the role. Jodie Whittaker was the perfect choice as the thirteenth doctor.

#4 Disenchantment

Simpsons may be well past its best, but still, Matt Groening is a legend who deserves attention whenever he creates something and on first look, Disenchantment looks to be a return to form.

#5 Shazam

It’s great to see DC try to produce a movie that’s a tiny bit less serious than what they’ve been releasing lately. Shazam doesn’t take itself too seriously and it looks much better than it would if it wasn’t for that fact.

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