Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus Twist rotates to reveal a color e-Ink display

The 2-in-1 ThinkBook Plus Twist packs in an OLED display on one side and an e-Ink screen on the other

ThinkBook Twist Plus
The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist is capable of several form-factors thanks to its dual rotating, twisting screens

At CES, Lenovo is debuting the most unusual 2-in-1 we’ve seen to date. The ThinkBook Plus Twist isn’t just a 2-in-1 but it’s also a dual-screen laptop that packs in an OLED screen on one side and an e-Ink screen on the other.

The ThinkBook Plus Twist is a follow-up to the ThinkBook Plus which debuted back in 2020. This laptop offered an e-Ink display on its cover, but its e-Ink display was monochrome – not color, and its display did not twist around as the new ThinkBook Plus Twist does.

This brings us to the ThinkBook Plus Twist’s other standout feature which is its twistable form factor, which enables users to use both displays in several different form factors. Furthermore, both displays manage to offer full-size pen support.

ThinkBook Twist Plus
The e-Ink display on the Thinkook Twist Plus is a front-lit colorful 12-inch e-Ink display

The 13.3-inch display on one side of the ThinkBook Plus Twist’s display is a narrow-bezel OLED display with a 2.8K resolution. Lenovo has implemented a front-lit colorful 12-inch e-Ink display on what would otherwise be the back of the screen.

Lenovo says the e-Ink display has a 12Hz refresh rate, while the OLED screen offers a respectable 60Hz refresh rate.

Lenovo had business travelers especially in mind when they designed the ThinkBook Twist Plus. That’s because the e-Ink screen is ideal for drafting, editing, and proofreading documents over long periods without reducing battery consumption too much. The OLED screen is obviously better suited for work that involves interacting with high-quality graphics.

On the performance front, the ThinkBook Plus Twist is no slouch. It comes powered by Intel’s latest 13th Gen Core processors, Intel Wi-Fi 6E for improved connectivity, and Intel Integrated Graphics. It can be configured with up to 16GB LPDDR5X memory and 1TB of PCIe Gen 4 SSD2 storage.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist
The ThinkBook Plus Twist’s e-Ink display is a full-color e-Ink display

Dual speakers, dual-array microphones, and Dolby Atmos support power the audio features on the ThinkBook Plus Twist. The device also comes with an FHD RGB camera, a camera shutter for added privacy, and a fingerprint reader for secure login.

When it comes to battery life and ports, the ThinkBook Plus Twist comes with a 56Whr battery, two Intel Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

ThinkBook Plus Twist pricing and availability

Lenovo says that the ThinkBook Plus Twist will be available in the U.S. starting in June 2023 at a starting price of $1649.

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