The world’s most dangerous bridges

Only the brave can cross these bridges of terror!

The world's most dangerous bridges 1
Thisisbossi, Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to the bridges all over the world, people and vehicles can seamlessly pass over mountains, bodies of water, and valleys. In their most basic and essential form, bridges connect people to the places they want to reach.

There are different types of bridges all over the world; some are iconic, some are hidden gems, and others simply manage to frighten us. If we were asked to test the stability of these scary-looking bridges, we would probably just crawl across them with our eyes closed while screaming at full volume.

On the other hand, if you’re an adrenaline junkie (unlike us), these treacherous bridges won’t faze you, and will most likely encourage you to traverse them one by one. So, after you read this story, tell us if you’re going to take a risk and cross these bridges or if you’d rather just admire their beauty from afar.

#1 The Langkawi Sky Bridge | Malaysia

The world's most dangerous bridges 2
The Dilly Lama, Wikimedia Commons

2004 was the year that the Langkawi Sky Bridge atop the Machinchang Mountain was completed. At a whopping 125 meters long, this daunting structure is considered to be the longest curved bridge in the world. As you can tell from this photo, it needs the support of a crane to stay in place. We don’t know about you guys, but we feel intimidated…

#2 Trift Bridge | Switzerland

The world's most dangerous bridges 3
Thisisbossi, Wikimedia Commons

Ugh, the soles of our feet are tingling just by the sight of this terrifying bridge! Built in 2004, the Tift Bridge gives brave people a glorious view of the Trift glacier. This bridge spans 170 meters in length and 100 meters in height over the glacier lake.

What can we say? Great views come to those who aren’t afraid to cross dangerous bridges…

#3 Living Root Bridge | India

The world's most dangerous bridges 4
Arshiya Urveeja Bose, Wikimedia Commons

If flimsy bridges made of planks and rope spell danger for you, do think you could trust one made of aerial root a bit more? Nestled in the Meghalaya state of India, this mystical bridge has been made by the people of the Khasi tribe who have developed this braiding technique for over 5 centuries.

Anyone up for crawling over this bridge that dangles 30 meters above the river?

#4 Hussaini Hanging Bridge | Pakistan

The world's most dangerous bridges 5
AdnanKakazai, Wikimedia Commons

Deemed as the most dangerous bridge on the planet, the Hussaini Hanging Bridge hangs at a breathtaking altitude of 2,600 meters in the Gilgit-Baltisan region in Pakistan. The flimsy bridge connects both sides of this pristine emerald river and is actually quite inviting if you don’t have a paralyzing fear of heights. This makes for a great place for a photoshoot if you ask us! Just bring safety equipment and leave your fears at home.

#5 Capilano Suspension Bridge | Canada

The world's most dangerous bridges 6
Markus Säynevirta, Wikimedia Commons

Canada is home to tons of natural wonders, and in order to traverse some of those natural wonders in the scariest way possible, people have thought of creating a narrow passageway that stretches 137 meters above enigmatic forests. This painstakingly long hanging bridge seems quite safe, but there have been some instances of accidents in the past. Remember to always follow safety protocols!

#6 Royal Gorge Bridge | USA

The world's most dangerous bridges 7
Bkthomson, Wikimedia Commons

Spanning over the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge hangs 955 feet above the water and is currently deemed as the tallest bridge in the United States. If you ever find yourself at this point, you might want to consider closing your eyes as your fearless driver traverses the length of this rickety needle-like bridge. Or maybe, you could just look for a detour…

#7 Sidu River Bridge | China

The world's most dangerous bridges 8
Glabb, Wikimedia Commons

The Sidu River Bridge is China is a majestic and dreamy sight to behold, but a nightmare to cross. It’s 1,222 meters of fear! This metallic monster of a hanging bridge has the capacity to hold up to 43 million tons in weight, so you most likely don’t have to worry about being too heavy for it if you ever decide to take the challenge!

Fun fact: did you know that construction workers had to use a rocket to build the suspension cable? Now that’s out of this world…

#8 Kakum Canopy Walkway | Ghana 

The world's most dangerous bridges 9
Chiappinik, Wikimedia Commons

Made of narrow braids of rope, this footbridge located in Ghana’s Kakum National Park might make you feel nauseous by just looking at it. However, if you can push past your fear of falling into the unknown evergreen below, you can enjoy walking on these 7 bridges that make up the Kakum Canopy Walkway. Each bridge spans multiple treetops, so you can unleash your inner Tarzan and Jane… or George of the Jungle. Just watch out for that tree! 

#9 Hanging Bridge of Ghasa | Nepal

The world's most dangerous bridges 10
John Pavelka, Wikimedia Commons

The Ghasa suspension bridge in Nepal was designed for animals to have quick passage over the water, but now, it is also often taken as a shortcut by (fearless) pedestrians. Hanging 443 feet above the ground, this 1,128-long bridge is not for the faint of heart.

#10 Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

The world's most dangerous bridges 11
Stuart Yeates, Wikimedia Commons

This rope bridge adds magic to the scenic poetry that the rock formations, crashing waves, and bright sky create. However, it is suspended 30 meters in the air above perilous elements that could suck you into the depths of the ocean, so that only proves that if you aren’t brave enough to take a risk, some beauties are only meant to be admired from afar.

#11 U Bein Bridge | Myanmar

The world's most dangerous bridges 12
Heinz_Htetz, Wikimedia Commons

The U Bein Bridge in Myanmar is a long structure that spans across the picturesque Taungthaman Lake. Its magnificence almost makes us forget that is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Really, one wrong move and you’re in the water! Being around for over 120 years, this architectural wonder has seen the world change, adapt, and evolve. It’s a bridge nearly as old as time!

#12 Aiguille du Midi bridge | French Alps

The world's most dangerous bridges 13

The Aiguille du Midi Bridge is a gorgeous structure that stands suspended above sea level and gives visitors the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the interior of France, Italy, and Switzerland.

If you aren’t frozen with fear by it and are up for a winter adventure, you can head over to the Mont Blanc Massif, the highest mountain in the Aiguilles de Chamonix.

#13  Monkey Bridges | Vietnam

The world's most dangerous bridges 14
Binh Giang, Wikimedia Commons

Vietnam is famous for its upbeat Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cityscapes that are brimming with camera-worthy opportunities. Aside from its natural beauty and charming architecture, Vietnam is also the place to be if you dare to cross a Monkey Bridge!

Composed of wood, this structure invites people to adopt the posture if a monkey in order to cross them. At least you’ll look scared and funny, right?

#14 Puente de Ojuela | Mexico

The world's most dangerous bridges 15
Fenerty, Wikimedia Commons

Puente de Ojuela is hailed as one of the most treacherous bridges in the world. Located in colorful Mexico, this queen of dangerous bridges was built in 1898 and served as the fastest transshipment to the mining town of Ojuela, a hotspot for mining precious metals and minerals.

#15 Seven Mile Bridge | USA

The world's most dangerous bridges 16
Tinsley Advertising, Wikimedia Commons

First things first, if you are scared of heights, water, long distances, or Florida, this bridge is guaranteed to give you nightmares.

Now, if you aren’t petrified at the thought of any of the aforementioned, then the stunning Seven Mile Bridge will be the perfect route for your next road trip across the Atlantic Ocean in the Florida Keys. It’s about 10,888 meters long, so you better use the bathroom before you begin your journey.

#16 Storseisundet Bridge | Norway

The world's most dangerous bridges 17
Iwoelbern , Wikimedia Commons

The steep slope of the Stroseisundet Bridge in Norway is akin to a rollercoaster, so if you have a weak stomach, you might want to sit this one out.

Built in 1989, this historic bridge is quite a spectacle to behold when the waves of the ocean decide to get a little bit chaotic. In reality, it’s not very safe, but it is really pretty.

#17 Kuandinsky Bridge in Kuanda | Russia


This rusty bridge makes this snowy scene look like a formidable scene from an action movie. Covered in slippery wooden planks and sans a side railing, the Kuandinsky Bridge isn’t exactly the most ideal connecting road to take during the winter. Unless your car is equipped with a self-inflatable floatie to save you if you fall into the water, you better steer clear of this chaos in the making.

#18 Eshima Ohashi Bridge | Japan

The world's most dangerous bridges 18
mstk east, Wikipedia

Japan is famous for both its natural and urban beauty in multiple facets. It’s also known for the Eshima Ohashi Bridge, a rigid-frame structure that connects Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, and Sakaiminato over the Nakaumi Lake. Built from 1997 to 2004, this hair-raising sight looks more like a rollercoaster than a bridge.

It’s also worth noting that the Eshima Ohashi Bridge has never collapsed regardless of the continuous tremors in the area. So, we guess it’s relatively safe then?

#19 Longjiang Bridge | China

The world's most dangerous bridges 19
瑞丽江的河水, Wikimedia Commons

If you ever find yourself in China, you should definitely make it a priority to go sightseeing. If you love seeing the world from extreme heights, you will love to stand on the Longjiang Bridge as you admire the world below you from 1,196 meters above the ground.

#20 Deception Pass Bridge | USA

The world's most dangerous bridges 20
Jet Lowe, Wikimedia Commons

This picturesque image looks like it came straight out of a Windows screensaver. However, not all pretty things are approachable. Deep currents in the pass make driving massively perilous for anyone to drive by. Also, we’re not sure about you guys, but we’re skeptical about trusting anything that has the word, “deception”, in it…

It may look safe, but it’s not.

#21 Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge | China

The world's most dangerous bridges 21
HighestBridges, Wikimedia Commons

You thought that playing with fire was crazy, well, yo ain’t seen nothing yet, because playing with glass is just as treacherous. China is famous for its multitude of glass walkways and bridges, and this one is one of them.

Your honor, this bridge is made of glass. There have been several reports of accidents. We do not recommend it. Don’t try to one-up Cinderella here. Walking on glass slippers is dangerous enough. We rest our case.

#22 Captain William Moore Bridge | USA

The world's most dangerous bridges 22
Wknight94, Wikimedia Commons

The Captain William Moore Bridge is a historic 300-foot metal structure, highlighted by its asymmetric single-pylon cable design. Spanning above the magnificently breathtaking Moore Creek Gorge, this bridge is as marvelous as it is menacing.

Is this what people mean when they use the term, “devastatingly beautiful”?

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