The most desirable jobs people want in a romantic partner

Here are the jobs men and women think are the most attractive in a significant other

The most desirable jobs people want in a romantic partner 1

Whether you realize it or not, the job you have affects how other people view you as a potential romantic partner. Some jobs make you appear smarter and more nurturing, and there are particular professions that make you look less suitable to be someone’s significant other.

To find out what jobs people think are the most and least attractive in a romantic partner, career resource site Zippia surveyed 1,000 workers using a list of 250 common jobs. Men and women have very different ideas about what jobs they find desirable in a romantic partner, so the results of the survey are categorized into two:

The most desirable jobs people want in a romantic partner 2
Credit: Zippia
The most desirable jobs people want in a romantic partner 3
Credit: Zippia

As seen in the tables above, women found doctor the most attractive job in a romantic partner, while men preferred nurse.

Men apparently showed more liking for jobs known for appearance, including dancer and actor. Their top 25 preferred professions for a significant other also included a number of service jobs like maid and waitress. Men said the least desirable job for a partner was janitor, while women didn’t like fast-food workers.

The 25 most attractive jobs according to women have an average pay of $74,154, while the 25 most attractive jobs according to men pay $56,129 on average. However, it’s not all about pay. For instance, truck drivers earn an average salary of $51,066. Though that paycheck is higher than the salary of many desirable jobs, women still found truck drivers the third least attractive job in a romantic partner.

Interestingly, while preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, and secondary school teachers all made it to the top 25 for men, not a single education job broke women’s top 25. Teachers are often viewed as nurturers, so this is probably one of the reasons why many men found educators to be a desirable profession for a partner.

Since each respondent was allowed to select both attractive and unattractive jobs in the survey, there are some overlaps in the results of the study. For example, police officer was highly polarizing, as it is deemed by some respondents to be very desirable and others to be very undesirable.

While the survey revealed some fun details that can help you find a date, Zippia doesn’t recommend going to medical school to become a doctor or nurse just to be a desirable romantic partner. Instead, Zippia advises finding a career you love and someone who loves you regardless of your profession.

Source: Zippia
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