Super Mario Bros is now a first-person shooter game

It’s a free-to-download, fan-made game

Super Mario Bros is now a first-person shooter game 1

Nintendo’s beloved Mario of Super Mario Bros fame has probably been featured in almost every kind of product, but no one will forget his humble beginnings as a simple side-scroller platform. Until now, the Super Mario franchise hasn’t deviated too much from that formula, sticking mostly to puzzle and adventure genres, but if you want something a little more different, a first-person Super Mario Bros shooter is now available.

But to be absolutely clear, this is not an officially licensed Nintendo game. In fact, it’s not a game by any major studio but is a fan-made project from Gears Tactics lead level designer, Sean Noonan.

The game, titled “The Super 1-1 Challenge” recreates the first stage of the Super Mario game, World 1-1, into a first-person shooter game where you fight off Goombas, collect coins, break blocks, and even slide down pipes just like the original game. Noonan tweeted a video of the actual gameplay on March 10, or what fans call Mar10 day, saying that it was built on the Unreal engine and was actually made for a Discord challenge.

On the Noonan’s website, he explains that the game is a “time trial FPS” in which the player has to reach the end of the course, collecting gold coins as well as hidden red coins, in the fastest time possible. Some players have already taken to streaming speedrunning the game and finishing it in less than a minute.

Several months ago, Noonan began releasing videos showing the progress of the creation of his game. It’s taken him months to develop the game but he thought Mar10 day was the best day to release it. Interested players can download the game in a pay-what-you-want fashion, meaning you can play it for free or choose to donate a small amount to help support future projects.

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