The Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs boost performance of streaming video

The Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs announcement was a little late, but worth the wait!

Sony Bravia XR 2023 TV

We usually see the full slate of upcoming Sony TVs at CES in January every year, but no such luck in 2023. Instead, Sony held off until today to announce the Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs, which includes new OLED and Mini LED panels. Lots of processing features to get excited about too, on top of the refreshed hardware.

All told, the Sony Bravia XR 2023 TV lineup includes their Master Series, which has shown up in our Best of CES lists in the past, including a Mini LED, QD-OLED, and OLED TV. They’ve also detailed the Premium series, which has Mini-LED and OLED TVs; the Gold Standard series, which includes Full Array LED TVs; and the Foundation series, a lineup of Direct LED TVs.

Sony Bravia XR 2023 TV
Sony Bravia XR 2023 TV’s Eco Dashboard

On top of the advanced display technology, Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs will use Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR Chip and software features to generate more detailed images thanks to improved processing speeds and contrast. The TVs will use XR Clear Image technology to produce images with better clarity and can upscale content to 4K, while the XR Backlight MasterDriver will produce images with better contrast. XR OLED Contrast Pro technology will work to produce brighter images on the QD-OLED TVs in the Master Series.

But, a lot of that is steady improvement on what we’ve been seeing for years. If there’s a new angle this year, it’s tackling streaming video performance specifically. The Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs will use adaptive processing for noise reduction and improve image resolution when users are streaming content. The TVs will also use PureStream technology to deliver improved image quality when the user is streaming and deliver IMAX quality visuals thanks to a DTS and IMAX partnership.

Sony’s also giving lots of attention to audio performance in their new TVs. The Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs will use audio technology like 360 Spatial Sound Mapping to optimize audio for the user’s space, match audio to visuals, and provide a richer sound quality. They also use Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology to generate sounds directly from the screen, eliminating the need for discrete speakers to keep the TVs slimmer. Of course, you might be putting together your own sound system with one of these TVs, but it’s nice to know that the audio will still be pretty solid all on its own. No surprise here, but Dolby Atmos processing is also supported, to create a more surround sound-like effect, even without the surround sound speaker system to match.

Render of Sony Bravia XR 2023 Mini LED TV
The Sony Bravia XR 2023 Mini LED TVs are just about on par with the OLED options in terms of color contrast

Sony’s even poking around the content game a little. Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs will have access to the latest movies from Sony Pictures through Sony’s Bravia Core service. So, yeah, another service provider to add to the tangled, ever-shifting web we have here in 2023. The Sony goodies continue with features that help enhance the PlayStation 5, including Auto Genre Picture Mode and Auto HDR Tone Mapping, which optimize visuals for users who want to game on the PS5.

Render of Sony Bravia XR 2023 Full Array LED TV
The Sony Bravia XR 2023 Full Array LED TVs will be a little more affordable compared to the OLED and Mini LED options

The TVs will also have a Game Menu that lets users tweak their TV settings to optimize for game performance and the user’s preferences. The Game Menu will enable users to adjust gaming settings such as VRR, motion blur, and black equalizer. Users will also have access to screen customization options that support shrinking the viewing area to a small part of the screen for better focus or opening two windows side-by-side on the screen so they can continue gaming in one window while they use the other window for other activities.

Best of all? You’ll find a dedicated anime button on the remote. There’s a Crunchyroll button that immediately takes you to their immense catalog. Been a long time coming.

Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs availability

We don’t have information on pricing for specific TVs in the Sony Bravia XR 2023 TVs, but the company announced that they would be available from April/May 2023.

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