Serena smart wood blinds automatically adjust to natural light throughout the day

These shades automatically minimize glare and enhance incoming natural light

A couple of months ago, we took a look at the Serena Shades from Lutron and found that they were a very welcome addition to a smart home environment. Now, the company has released its new Serena smart wood blinds which further improves its smart blinds technology while keeping the classic and refined look. To that effect, these classic looking blinds automatically minimize glare and enhance incoming natural light. They also respond to Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

More specifically, with the Natural Light Optimization feature, these smart blinds are able to tilt to preset angles to minimize glare and enhance the incoming natural light. The tilting feature can also run on a schedule meaning it can adjust depending on the time of day.

When connected to a smartphone, the blinds’ Facade Finder feature can help identify which direction your window relative to the sun’s position. This way, the blinds can automatically adjust its tilt. Additionally, the Fade Fighter feature allows the blinds to adjust the tilt position so that floors, furniture, and other belongings are directly’s exposed to the sun’s light and save them from fade or discoloration.

The Serena Smart Wood Blinds carry the company’s ClearConnect wireless communication technology which promises reliable performance and seamless integrations with Lutron’s smart lighting control system Caseta or to smart assistants.

The Serena smart wood binds will be available in Serena and Triathlon versions. The former will be priced starting at $599 and the latter at $699. They’re currently only available in the US and Canada through Budget Blinds, Lutron shading dealers, and on the company’s official website.