Sega releases full list of games for the Genesis Mini 2

The list includes the controversial 1992 video game, Night Trap

Sega Genesis Mini 2 games list
Sega Genesis Mini 2 games list finally revealed

Ahead of the launch of the Genesis Mini 2 this October 27th, Sega has published the full list of 60 games coming to the console. While the video game company had previously stated that the Mini 2 would be launched only in Japan and North America, Europe recently made the cut as well.

Some of the games on the list are the Sonic CD, Sonic 3D blast, Super Street Fighter II, Streets of Rage 3, and Ecco the Dolphin including the once controversial video game Night Trap. 

Sega Genesis Mini 2 game titles
Sonic CD, Sonic 3D blast, Super Street Fighter II, Streets of Rage 3, & Ecco the Dolphin are a few of the game titles coming to Mini 2

The list of games also includes seven bonus games tagged as “special content”; two of which (Devi & Pii and Star Mobile) are entirely new titles. The other bonus titles are Fantasy Zone, Space Harrier II + Space Harrier, Spatter, Super Locomotive, and VS Puyo Puyo Sun.

Why was Night Trap so controversial?

Hasbro’s Night Trap became a controversial video game in the ’90s when it was accused of promoting violence and sexual aggression against women.

In a 1993 senate hearing on violent video games, Night Trap was cited as violent alongside a video game developed by Midway Games; Mortal Kombat (1992), which also gained the ire of parents because of its sexual assault content.

Following this, retailers had to pull Night Trap from shelves while a regulatory organization known as the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) was set up. Fast-forward to 2017 when the Night Trap gets a re-release in celebration of the video game’s 25th anniversary.

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will be difficult to get

In a statement made to Polygon, Sega admitted that only a small fraction of the Genesis Mini 2 console would be available in North America and Europe. The company blamed the limited supply on a slowdown in manufacturing due to the shortage of semiconductors since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gamers can preorder the console on Amazon now for $99.99. The Sega Genesis Mini 2 attracts a $21.99 shipping fee because it ships from Amazon Japan, bringing the total cost to $121.98.

SEGA Genesis Mini 2
$99.98 $94.04

The all-new Genesis Mini 2 features more powerful hardware, a long list of games, including Sega CD titles.

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