RIMA is an AI that creates original music and can replace bands

RIMA is an AI tool that is designed to automate music practice and creation

RIMA AI music

Emotionwave has unveiled its “Robotic Instrumental Music for All” (RIMA) robot band which is powered by AI technology.

The Korean AI-based metaverse company is aiming to “merge art and technology”. Emotionwave’s goal in launching the RIMA AI-based robot is to make it easy for anyone to create music.

RIMA AI music

RIMA leverages advancements in AI, robotics technology, and IoT technology to power a band comprising the following instruments: piano, drums, guitar, bass, marimba, and percussion.

The six instruments in the band can create and play songs independently thanks to an AI algorithm that draws from a data set built by analyzing 100,000 songs and performances with acoustic instruments.

RIMA AI music

According to Emotionwave, RIMA’s functionality goes beyond just playing instruments. The company’s goal is to build an AI-based music platform that can provide unmanned concert solutions and “concept rhythm action games” to retail stores across the globe.

RIMA is Emotionwave’s solution to the dwindling foot traffic plaguing most retail businesses. It will enable retailers to bring an enhanced shopping experience to customers by letting them request an existing song or ask the AI to create a song. The company hopes this will increase foot traffic and keep customers in stores for longer periods.

RIMA AI music

Emotionwave is also positioning RIMA as a tool for music education. The company has built an advanced music education solution using AI, which it believes will provide a better music education experience than online tutors.

The company’s music education solution leverages AI technology to improve the performer’s practice by analyzing their movements and performance style, and providing real-time data to help them improve.

In addition, Emotionwave has also built a solution based on AI, virtual avatar technology, and NFTs to help digital musicians release albums on various platforms online, offline, and in the metaverse. Like the RIMA AI-based robot, this solution can be accessed and controlled using Android/iOS mobile apps or PC applications from Emotionwave and SK Telecom.

RIMA Services Intro_Emotionwave (Future Music Experience with AI and XR Technology)

What Next for Emotionwave’s RIMA?

Emotionwave is currently crowdfunding for an NYC performance slated to hold sometime in 2023. The company is also working on a metaverse concert involving a popular (human) K-pop star projected into a virtual world, akin to Travis Scott’s Fortnite performance.

The company is also pursuing partnerships with broadcasters, entertainment companies, famous IP holders, and universities to bring RIMA to foreign markets.

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