Netstream’s virtual gallery lets artists exhibit in the metaverse

Artists can design and curate their own virtual gallery and then share their art with the world

Netstream's virtual gallery lets artists exhibit in the metaverse 1

There’s been a lot of buzz around the metaverse lately, and it’s pretty fair to say that most of it so far has been nonsense. But one area where the metaverse might actually make some sense is virtual galleries where digital artists can exhibit their work, or museums can show digitized art from their collections. Enter Netstream, the Korean startup behind Netstarium, a web-based metaverse exhibition platform.

A link is all that’s needed for a creator (person or business) to share their work on Netstarium. The platform supports 2D and 3D art, plus video content. Creators can easily design and curate their virtual gallery right from within the platform without having to download any special software. Galleries can be public or private, permanent or temporary. Creators can charge an admission fee for private galleries.

Netstarium user interface
The Netstarium user interface

Visitors have access to public galleries for free, while members pay an admission fee for private galleries. Creators pay a monthly subscription (currently $50 per month for five 2D art pieces, two 3D art pieces, and one video) for each gallery they maintain, for as long as they want. Since Netstarium is currently web-based, it’s basically a 2D view into a 3D space, but Netstream plans to support VR headsets in the future.

Currently, the platform doesn’t enable creators to sell their art (or entire galleries), but it’s something Netstream is considering – including support for cryptocurrencies.

While Netstarium is faster and easier to use (web-based design and curation) than the competition, creators can export their virtual galleries to other platforms like Spatial and Roblox.

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