Metazium wants your next trade show to take place in the metaverse

Metazium is creating intricate virtual spaces for businesses and governments in the metaverse

An example of a Metazium virtual space

Widebrain, a Korean startup that creates customized 3D worlds for businesses and governments, has unveiled Metazium, a virtual space designed to facilitate business activities. The company’s goal is to democratize the creation of virtual space opportunities in the metaverse.

With Metazium, Widebrain wants to facilitate the creation of virtual spaces for activities such as exhibitions, trade shows, education, marketing, and advertising.

Metazium Intro

Metazium’s implementation of 3D worlds benefits from location-based technology. In fact, the company recently used this to create a digital showroom for LG. Going forward, Metazium will also take advantage of advancements in IoT, AR, VR, and XR, to develop realistic indoor and outdoor metaverse experiences.

Widebrain aims to offer the following features for businesses and governments that use Metazium: The ability to create 3D worlds and avatars rendered in the cloud and streamed to the web, the ability to leverage tools like the Meta Studio app (Windows and macOS) to expedite the process, the ability to integrate with remote work tools like Google Calendar and Slack, and last but not least, the platform supports cloud-based AI features like a voice assistant to control characters and search virtual spaces.

The Metazium platform makes it easy to design and create intricate virtual spaces in the metaverse

With Metazium’s technology, the company believes businesses and governments can create intuitive environments that unlock new and meaningful metaverse experiences for all stakeholders.

To fully enjoy the benefits offered by Metazium, businesses will have to pay to create and set up virtual spaces, and governments will be offered subscription packages. Revenue-sharing agreements will be enabled through advertising inside these 3D worlds.

Metazium meeting room
An example of a Metazium virtual meeting space in the metaverse

What’s next for Widebrain?

After launching its “Metaverse multiplex” service, which will boost the productivity of metaverse experiences on the platform, Widebrain wants to focus on developing educational content and commercial services.

Right now, the company is still testing its metaverse technology in Korea, but it plans to enter the North American market in 2023.

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