These folks recreated famous pieces of art and the results are hilarious

Sometimes life really does imitate art

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It’s no secret that much of the world is now in lockdown in an effort to flatten the curve of Covid-19. While temporarily staying in isolation can help stop the pandemic, it doesn’t come without its side effects of boredom. While you’re endlessly browsing through the internet from the comfort of your home, you should definitely check out Изоизоляция | Izoizolyacia, this Russian Facebook group has found a wonderful way to fight off isolation boredom. Moreover, they’ve found a way to bring people together through art. It has been said that art imitates life, but you’re about to see that life can also imitate art until it becomes it.   

#1 You’re gonna hear me roar

Tiger in a Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau is perfect for the nature lovers out there, especially if you’re starting to experience cabin fever. We’ve got an easy life hack for you. Recreate it at home. Problem solved.