Rare, unopened copy of Super Mario Bros fetches six-figures at auction

But your dusty copy in the attic is probably worthless

Rare, unopened copy of Super Mario Bros fetches six-figures at auction 1

An extremely lucky Super Mario Bros fan just netted a cool $100,150 after an unopened copy of the vintage NES game sold at a recent auction. This marks the first time in history a retro video game has commanded a six-figure price tag.

But before you go digging for your old copy, we should mention that this particular cartridge is special. Best estimates suggest Nintendo sold over 40 million copies of the classic title, however, just two ‘sticker sealed’ copies were sold during the company’s test launch in the mid-80s. This is one of them and apparently, it’s the only copy believed to be untouched.

Interestingly, the cartridge was sold to a group of auctioneers, leaving some to assume it won’t be long before we see the item pop up again.

While it’s not unusual for certified classics to demand flamboyant prices, previous auctions have historically maxed out around the mid-five figure mark. Just two years ago, a Pennsylvania dealer cashed out on eBay when his mint condition copy of Super Mario Bros sold for a whopping $30,100.

Experts say this most recent eyebrow-raising sale will likely cause prices to rise sharply, even if temporary. Nevertheless, if this article has you jonesing to play a few rounds of Super Mario Bros, you can find a copy on the NES Classic for a saving of $100,090!

Source: NintendoLife / USGamer
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