Wake up to this Game Boy alarm clock which plays tunes from Super Mario Land

This alarm clock is a perfect replica of the original beloved Game Boy

This particular writer’s initial reaction after seeing the new Game Boy alarm clock was “it’s about bloody time.”

The original Game Boy handheld console caused many of us to miss so many morning appointments back in the day, so it’s great to see Nintendo are finally trying to redress the balance with an officially licensed alarm clock.

The clock is the same size as the original device and it looks pretty much identical to the beloved handheld console.

In fact, the only downside we can see from it is the possibility of waking up at 3am and mistakingly trying to play Tetris on an alarm clock.

A few of its quirky features will certainly have you harking for the days of yore – for instance, instead of being woke by a harsh phone alarm, this one will wake you with an 8-bit melody, which will sound familiar because its from the original Super Mario Land.

It even has the original buttons, so you can get a dose of nostalgia every time you press snooze.

It also has everything you would expect from a regular alarm clock, such as a clearly displayed date and time.

The Game Boy alarm clock requires two AA batteries, but don’t worry, as we can assure you that those batteries will definitely last longer than they did on the original Game Boy.

It’s priced at around $35 at Firebox, which is fairly reasonable for a sizable blast from the past.

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