Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is back and so are the crazy long lines

Some customers waited in line for over 8 hours just to get a taste of the popular sandwich

Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is back and so are the crazy long lines 1

Popeyes’ highly sought after chicken sandwich has finally returned, and if you thought that the craze surrounding it would die down following its two-month hiatus, then you’re definitely wrong.

Popeyes’ chicken sandwich was officially re-launched on Sunday in line with the celebration of the National Sandwich Day. And even though some franchise owners hired additional staff members ahead of the sandwich’s return to the menu, it seemed that a lot of Popeyes locations still had a hard time handling the huge number of customers that patiently fell in line to get a taste of the popular sandwich.

Based on photos and videos shared on Twitter, the lines in both the drive-thru lane and on foot in some Popeyes locations were so long that they extended into the street. A customer even said that the ridiculously long lines looked like “Armageddon.”





Waiting times varied by location, some tweeted that they waited in line for about 2 hours; others for more than 5 hours; and a few customers for 8 hours.



And though some fans have noticed that Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is a bit smaller than the original version first released in August, many customers tweeted that braving the long lines for several minutes or hours was worth it.


Though it’s clear that the craze over Popeyes’ chicken sandwich has picked up where it left off, reports said that there’s no sign of selling out yet. “We plan to offer it to our guests for a long time,” a Popeye’s representative told CNN last week, announcing the sandwich’s return. “We are confident that we’ll be able to meet the demand.”

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