This Pokemon pet clothing line will instantly make your dogs and cats look extra adorable

The cute collection includes hats, costumes, bandanas, socks, and pet beds

Fans can soon display their love for Pokémon with their beloved pets with the upcoming Pokémon pet clothing collection from licensed merchandise retailer Small Planet.

The new pet clothing line includes a Pikachu hat for dogs and cats, which features the adorable face and iconic pointy ears of Ash Ketchum’s most popular Pokémon. There’s also a cute yellow costume that is worn like a shirt. Complete with a hood in the shape of Pikachu’s head, this outfit is perfect for keeping dogs and cats warm during the cold and rainy days. Both the hat and the shirt-like costume come in small and medium sizes.

Pokémon Pikachu pet hat
Pokémon Pikachu pet costume

For fans that prefer a more subtle clothing item for their pets, there are two different handkerchief collars they can choose from. One is a yellow bandana with a large image of Pikachu’s face while the other is a red scarf featuring a repeating pattern of Pikachu’s face and Poké Balls.

Pokémon yellow pet bandana
Pokémon red pet bandana

Also included in the collection are pet socks that come in two different designs: a red Poké Ball-themed design and a yellow Pikachu-themed design.

Pokémon red pet socks
Pokémon yellow pet socks

Though technically not a clothing item, a pet cushion completes the collection. This small circular bed that looks like a Poké Ball is layered with a built-in blanket, which will surely help any pet rest better.

Pokémon Poké Ball bed

This Pokémon pet clothing collection is set to be released next week, and while it seems to be exclusive to Japan, there’s always a possibility that it will eventually become available in the U.S.