PlayStation to die out in a decade says analyst

“They have no chance of competing.”

PlayStation to die out in a decade says analyst
PlayStation to die out in a decade says analyst

To say that PlayStation has had a good run in the console industry is an understatement. While Sony may not have been making all the right decisions in the past few years, the PlayStation is still alive and well — but not for long apparently.

As reported by, respected industry analyst Michael Patcher says that he believes PlayStation is on “borrowed time” and may die out in about 10 years.

“They can’t compete,” says Patcher, “They have no chance of competing.”

Last year, we saw the release of new-generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.

While Microsoft is a prominent presence in the console game, PlayStation remained just as prominent a competitor even if it’s still currently facing supply shortages.

But apart from that, Sony’s possible downfall can also be contributed to decisions it made in recent years — like failing to offer more consumer-friendly features similar to those found on Xbox.

With features like multi-platform crossplay and more notably, Xbox Game Pass, you’re not only getting current-gen performance and graphics but also have access to a vast and growing library of games at a very friendly price.

In addition to that, we’ll also be seeing exclusive big-name releases like The Elder Scrolls 6 on Xbox, which makes it harder to root for PlayStation.

There are rumors of Sony releasing a similar service to Xbox Game Pass. Perhaps, this could help increase the value and shelf-life for PlayStation.

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